3 hours ago

    Vijay Shekhar Sharma Reappoimnted as the MD & CEO of One 97 Communications

    In an official statement, One 97 Communications mentioned that “We wish to inform you that…
    3 hours ago

    Global Food Crisis Might Arise As Several Countries Implements Exports Restriction

    As food prices rise around the world due to the war, extreme weather and inflation,…
    4 hours ago

    MediaTek Launches First mmWave Chipset for Seamless 5G Smartphone Connectivity

    "The Dimensity 1050, and its combination of sub-6GHz and mmWave technologies, will deliver end-to-end 5G…
    South East Asia
    5 hours ago

    4th Edition of Indian Navy-Bangladesh Navy Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) Activity Started

    Indian Navy and Bangladesh Navy units will undertake joint patrolling along the International Maritime Boundary…
    2 days ago

    Govt Unleashed All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers of April 2022 for Agriculture Sector

    The major contribution towards the rise in general index of Agricultural Labourers and Rural Labourers…
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