Workplace Transformation - Love it or hate it but businesses will have to ride this wave into the future

Workplace Transformation - Love it or hate it but businesses will have to ride this wave into the future

Deepu Madhavan
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Vivekanand Manjeri and Indrajit Belgundi launcing Dell latitude 7400 2-in-1 in India

The workplace is changing and it’s not just that we are slowly getting detached from our desks and cubicles and moving round the globe with portable devices and online tools. The expectations and realities in conventional office systems is also seeing unprecedented dynamism. With the exit of baby boomers and Gen X taking on leadership roles, we are se

eing younger millennials and Gen Z takeover the office space. And they have technology demands (or rather needs) that are defining how workplace is transforming.

Recently, at the launch of their brand new 7400 2-in-1 notebook, SMEStreet's Tech Editor,  Deepu Madhavan had a chance to discuss this concept with Vivekanand Manjeri - Brand Director of Dell’s Client Solutions Group, and here are some excerpts from the short but enlightening discussion.

What is this 'Workplace transformation' that everyone's talking about?

Workplace transformation is an important pillar that helps companies go through digital transformation - i.e. companies trying to become Digitally Native. Again this the process of moving their business to a more-technology based model. Amazon did this and Flipkart pioneered this in India. Now we have the Dunzos and Swiggys.

To achieve this, the companies have to first understand the change, rethink their approach and then chart a way for themselves to make this change. They all want to leverage the opportunity and make the journey but how does one manage the journey is also important. Workplace transformation is one of the key pillars. There are other pillars too like getting your core-infrastructure in place and get your app right etc.

In the same line, the companies need to understand their workforce is very heterogeneous. They involve people from all age groups - they have Gen X, Gen Z and even baby boomers working together. Each group associates a different value to what tech they carry. For good or bad, most of them now are used to a high level of engagement on devices - thanks to smartphones. People want  their voice inputs, touch interfaces and a nice device which is sleek and easy to carry. All this translates into this concept that Unless you give the people the right devices, right hardware, the right software and keep it secure, you cannot achieve workplace transformation correct.

This is where we (DELL) come in. We have the comprehensive portfolio to help companies achieve complete workplace transformation. For example, it’s not just our notebook, you have to buy peripherals too, like the WD16 dock we are showcasing, you get the software support too. The companies are starting to understand that it’s not just enough to get the device but also get the peripherals, the right software so that its secure and can be managed remotely too.

Is it like a connected  ecosystem? Is that why you use v-pro processors?

Yes, thanks for noticing. A lot of people do not understand the functionality but yes we can remotely connect to devices and manage them and that is also a part of workplace transformation.

Dell Latotude 7400 2-in-1

When the 2-in-1 systems started coming out, the market didn't seem too keen. Why drift down that path in business?

The 2-in-1 idea came to the fore when Apple launched iPad pro. Because the consumer got a device with smaller footprint and was cool but it lacked something; the functionality was limited. Imagine in the middle of a presentation where your client asks for more detail and you miss your laptop.

That is where the PC designers understood that there is an opportunity to change the notebook to a different form-factor and that’s where the 2-in-1 came. Now with advancing technology, we can manage a more denser system with a smaller footprint without compromising on various aspects. Using a notebook convertible, you make the tablet obsolete. That’s why the tablet market is shrinking too.

Are there more surprises in store for Dell customers this year?

We just discussed the 2-in-1. We are going to refresh the clamshell 7000 and 5000 series in latitudes. The laptops are going to be much smaller than previous generations - so sleeker designs and smaller footprints. We are taking innovation from one generation to the current generation and make it smarter and more compact. You will also see more inspiration from the XPS lineup.

The price point issue!

We believe we have hit a sweet spot on price. We can provide much more to the customer at this price (1.35 Lakh + taxes for the convertible 7400). This comes from various aspects including innovation and technology but a big aspect is the scale at which Dell operates. What Dell can provide at this price is much more than what others can. The market demand for ultra-slim light designs is growing at almost 50% YoY. They also don’t mind paying for good technology.

Have more questions about workplace transformation? Did we get something wrong? Simply want to add your inputs? Leave us a line in comments!

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