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All New DELL Latitude 7400 2-in-1 – Gen Z to Transform Workforce!

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Dell launched its latest premium offering, the Latitude 7400 2-in-1 notebook in New Delhi. The company claimed that this is the smallest 14-inch commercial 2-in-1 in the world and we tend to believe it’s not just hype.

Starting at Rs 1.35 Lakh (plus taxes), the laptop is packed with impressive features; many of which are new to Indian enterprise market. The marquee feature is Express Sign-in enables you to unlock your computer with your face –yeah, like face unlock for phones but with more to offer. The 7400 boasts of having world’s first PC proximity sensor (assisted by Intel’s Context sensing technology) that lets it wakeup, detect you with an infrared camera and unlock instantly. When you step away, your system gets locked too

If you’re not fond of such wizardry (wait till you see it action!) or you trust your finger/memory better, there are other features to bring you into the 7400 fold. For beginners, Dell says that the 7400’s battery can help it last through 24-hours of usage. Couple this up with the Express-Charge feature which can charge this up to 80% in just an hour and a Super Low Power (display) Panel and we think we have a winner. Even if 7400, delivers a portion of this promise in the real world, we won’t have much to complain about.

Dell insists that customer experience is key to their every design decision. Here too, they have added some cool features that you may not notice every day but appreciate over long usage. For example, they incorporated a new thermal solution – which included a Kevlar-type material based fan and an aerogel used in a space probe – to make sure that the laptop stays cool when it’s on your lap while the maximum cooling is maintained on a table. It knows who’s using it, how’s it being and alters its cooling solution to give best experience.

In usage, the laptop feels light yet the build is solid. The transformation from PC to ten mode or even tablet more was smooth. The express sign-in’s demo was also a bang on and it felt solid. Considering how few laptops in India are Windows Hello compatible, this will surely remain an attractive feature. There were enough ports to satisfy the multi-device carrying me with enough USB 3.1 and thunderbolt options

If all this feels like gimmickry to the entrepreneur in you (phew, never satisfied eh?), you still have to commend Dell for the crafting one of the sleekest good-looking business laptops ever. They had to redesign key components so that they can have a machined aluminium design with diamond cut edges. The design inspiration and touches from the much-loved XPS series shows up evidently. If you’re tired of the boring old black office laptops, this will be your favourite notebook soon.

But why a 2-in-1? In response to this, Dell’s team threw at me a survey which revealed what this (and upcoming) generation of employees are looking for in terms of tech, they also talked about how this form factor gives the ultimate fluidity to in terms of usage. You can go from pc to tab mode in a second and share an idea, get reviews, inputs and revel instantly. As Laptop’s become thinner and 2-in-1’s become commonplace in the market, this seems to be a positive step in the right direction.

The 7400 2-in-1 will be available to both retail and enterprise customers in India now and we have confirmation that there will be options for customisations too.

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