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Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Advisor Apps, Analytics and Services Brings More Efficiency

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Schneider Electric announces seven new EcoStruxure “Advisor” apps and services that give users not only peerless value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity but allow for a quick and easy start on their digitization journey

The rapid digitization of industry, smart buildings, data centers, and energy grids, offers businesses huge potential to turn data into business opportunities. According to Gartner, there will be more than 20 billion IoT connected devices installed around the world by 2020, while Industrial IoT is expected to add $14 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxureTM platform gives customers unprecedented opportunities to exploit their data through three levels of innovation: Apps, Analytics & Services, Edge Control and Connected Products. At the top layer of EcoStruxure, the Advisor Apps, Analytics and Services give users complete visibility of all connected products in their ecosystems, while delivering the analytics needed to drive efficiency.

At Hannover Messe, Schneider Electric is announcing seven new EcoStruxure Advisor apps for industry, smart buildings, data centers, and energy grids, that deliver innovation at every level:

EcoStruxure Power Advisor gives power managers deep insights into data quality and network health

EcoStruxure Power Advisor combines expert advice with advanced algorithms to identify gaps or issues in power management systems, as well as power quality issues within a larger electrical distribution system. Power Advisor allows users to track and analyze equipment conditions, manage electrics capacity to ensure flexibility, and get advanced warnings remotely. Its network analytics give managers real-time information on data quality through insights and recommendations that establish a trustworthy data foundation, while electrical network health system summaries and trending analytics improve awareness of electrical network issues.

Power Advisor, which received a major software update in November 2018, has been installed at more than 650 sites, connecting some 130,000 connected assets under management (AUM). Schneider Electric Services staff are adding 10-20 new facilities and over 5,000 new AUM every month.

EcoStruxure IT Advisor gives data center managers complete overview of assets and performance

EcoStruxure IT Advisor is highly secure planning and modeling software that provides data center professionals with an instant overview of their data center operations, helping them optimize their capacities, plan changes and analyze business impact, automate workflow, and deploy energy-based billing to reduce OpEx and increase ROI.

IT Advisor gives users an overview of the physical location of assets thanks to a floor view with areas, cages and racks, and IT assets. It improves capacity optimization by ensuring that physical infrastructure provides the needed redundancy, backup time and availability, and allows for better change management thanks to real-time analysis of data center infrastructure that highlights redundancy vulnerabilities through impact simulation. Because it is cloud-based, IT advisor accesses data from anywhere at any time, delivering up-to-date cybersecurity, as well as automatic software updates and backup.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor improves comfort and efficiency of buildings

Designed for large office buildings, EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor is a flexible suite of digital services that help building managers create smart, responsive workplaces. Actionable insights are delivered through intuitive dashboards that analyze data from IoT-connected devices and systems. At the same time, employees can find efficient and convenient ways to connect to their workspaces using mobile applications.

Workplace Advisor maximizes space efficiency by quickly identifying underutilized desks, offices, meeting rooms, and amenities for effective reallocation based on real data, while letting employees see available spaces in real-time to support office hoteling. It also improves occupant quality of life and productivity by actively monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, light, and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. For building owners and managers, it reduces operating costs through optimized facility management, delivering agile decision-making thanks to real-time occupancy and environmental data and analytics. It also helps provide efficient cleaning, security and other facility services based on actual space utilization trends. As a SaaS offer, more services will be added on an ongoing basis.

EcoStruxure Process Safety Advisor delivers enterprise-wide risk profile in real time

EcoStruxure Process Safety Advisor is a digital process safety platform and service that aggregates real-time data, analytics and insights from multiple sites and geographies into a single user interface so that customers can create an accurate, enterprise-wide risk profile in real time. It also identifies the need to take corrective action via easy-to-understand performance dashboards and leading indicators for safety health. It then documents the entire process using an embedded SIF audit trail that supports safety compliance.

Safety Advisor enables customers to understand their risks within minutes, and then act decisively to drive better business results, because they know how hard they can safely drive their assets and operations, and control their business risks, including risks to the safety, sustainability, efficiency, reliability, and, most importantly, profitability of their operations, in real time.

EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor makes business sense out of plant data

EcoStruxure Equipment Efficiency Advisor enables profiling and measurement of micro, persistent, and hidden losses in manufacturing environments. Created by and for operators, production managers and maintenance personnel, it collects, measures, analyzes, and reports operational performance, availability, quality, and OEE, while performing root cause analyses.

Equipment Efficiency Advisor includes a Lean Manufacturing Tool for performance management, real-time KPI for machines and production lines, accessible through a simple and intuitive graphical interface. It allows manufacturers to make business sense out of plant operating data and deliver real-time OEE performance improvements, which users see within 3-4 weeks, with immediate 5% to 10% OEE gains and solution payback in 9 months.

EcoStruxure Pumping Performance Advisor increases asset lifespan and efficiency at pumping stations

EcoStruxure Pumping Performance Advisor increases the performance, efficiency and sustainability of Water & Wastewater pumping stations. Delivered through consulting and Software as a Digital Service, Pumping Performance Advisor provides maintenance cost assessments, a Service Bureau that turns actionable insights into concrete recommendations via user dashboards accessible through the Schneider Electric Digital Services Platform.

Pumping Performance Advisor delivers real-time profitability, with up to 15% savings on operational expenditures, improved asset performance, and optimized energy efficiency by detecting inefficiencies, predicting faults, and delivering recommendations based on operating realities.

EcoStruxure Clean-In-Place Advisor helps Food & Beverage companies eradicate loss and reduce consumption

Clean-In-Place (CIP) operations are increasingly important as Food & Beverage companies face stricter regulatory compliance standards, while having to respond rapidly to changing consumer demand. Production managers need CIP operations to be done quickly and effectively so that more time can be spent producing rather than cleaning.

EcoStruxure Clean-In-Place Advisor includes a complete Walkthrough Audit to check conformity with best practices on Energy, Automation, and Process. The  CIP monitoring tool provides traceability and diagnostics, product loss monitoring, energy monitoring dashboard, and real-time reports. This functionality allows users to eradicate losses, reduce unnecessary consumption, ensure cleaning effectiveness, and reduce cleaning time.

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