Mavenir Enables Intelligent Network Operations With Next-Generation OSS

A Powerful Combination of AI, Analytics, Automation, and Orchestration Enable the Network of the Future

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Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, today announced its next-generation Operations Support System (ngOSS), a new addition to the MAVscale platform.

The new solution brings together a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Automation, and Orchestration, backed by Mavenir’s experience delivering telecom network solutions to allow Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy ngOSS in their 4G networks today, while at the same time preparing to fully realize the potential of 5G capabilities through intelligent network operations.

By enhancing network performance, Mavenir’s ngOSS enables CSPs to improve the overall customer experience, lower operating expenses (OPEX), and reduce the risk of manual errors more prevalent in legacy OSS systems.

The end-to-end, cloud-native automation framework is built based on TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and OpenAPIs that uses enhanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) models to deliver advanced network performance. Engineered with a microservices-based architecture, Mavenir's ngOSS solution simplifies large, legacy, monolithic systems into smaller, autonomous components that offer intelligence, insights, and network control. A more open, automated network is necessary to break legacy vendor lock-in while driving innovation for 5G use cases.

Mavenir is an OSS vendor with 4G/5G and mobile core/Radio Access Network (RAN) expertise, and in-depth understanding of orchestrating telecommunications workloads required for enabling advanced 5G capabilities, including network slicing, which translates directly into efficiencies for the CSPs.

“As CSPs advance toward automation, next-generation OSS will be a critical component to enable the network of the future,” said Kuntal Chowdhury, SVP and GM of AI and Analytics at Mavenir. “Using advanced AI and ML models to enhance network performance will help CSPs deliver superior customer experience, while scalable automation reduces manual tasks to lower maintenance costs and reduces the risk of human error. Mavenir’s ngOSS solution allows CSPs to break open the network and take advantage of Open APIs to increase agility and innovation, introduce new services, and monetize 5G with rapid service velocity.”

Key capabilities of Mavenir’s ngOSS include:

  • Service Fulfillment and Orchestration – Service Order Management integrates with the Business Support System (BSS) layer using Open APIs to deliver dynamic order creation, support complex workflow creation, and offer complete visibility & management into service order execution. Service Orchestration provides a complete network automation solution, including Service Design, 5G Slice Management, and Network Service Orchestration.
  • Data Management – Mavenir’s Provisioning and Activation function is radically different from the traditional provisioning offerings from legacy vendors. It elevates provisioning to a whole new level by offering Provisioning-as-a-Service on any cloud, from any vendor, on any domain approach. In addition, Mavenir’s Active Inventory collects, maintains, and exposes a federated real-time view of available network resources and services from across multiple cloud and vendor environments.
  • Service Assurance and AI Operations (AIOps) – Mavenir Service Assurance and AIOps platform addresses CSP’s operational challenges by providing end-to-end visibility into the network, enabling an open network by integrating with any cloud, any vendor, and any technology domain, and performing critical AIOps functions, such as AI-driven predictive alarm correlation, ML-assisted Ticket Analysis, and auto Root Cause Analysis (RCA), resulting in increased productivity, shorter Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), and OPEX savings.
  • Domain Controllers – Mavenir’s Non-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) is a containerized application that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize RAN performance and train ML models using long term RAN data for dynamic and adaptive policy and control. Mavenir’s Network Subnet Slice Management Function (NSSMF) is an open, cloud-native, and vendor-agnostic function that plays a crucial role in 5G slice management as it does the last-mile connections necessary to configure a slice.
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