Dorby Launches Innovative Designs at IndiaWood 2024

Dorby had set up a stall that captured the interest of scores of industry experts attending the exhibition. The alluring space offered an immersive experience to the attendees,

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Dorby, IndiaWood 2024

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Dorby, India's leading surface decor brand, leveraged Asia's premier international trade fair for the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry, IndiaWood 2024, as a platform to launch its groundbreaking designs that resonate with current customer trends. The exhibition held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from February 22 to 26, saw a footfall of more than 75,000 guests.

Dorby had set up a stall that captured the interest of scores of industry experts attending the exhibition. The alluring space offered an immersive experience to the attendees, reflecting the beauty and progress of the brand.

At the exhibition, Dorby launched its new collection, featuring a range of carefully crafted folders designed to inspire and elevate contemporary interiors. Among the highlights were the Vibron and Canvas collections, each offering a distinct aesthetic and functional appeal. The latest high-end luxury laminate collection, Edge Lamina, topped it off as the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Edge Lamina: Elevating Luxury with Limited Edition Designs

Edge Lamina from Pegasus Panels, a design collaboration between Pegasus Panels and Asiatic Imperia is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity. This premium collection transcends traditional folders, offering limited edition designs in a bespoke display format. With Edge Lamina, Dorby redefines the boundaries of sophistication and elegance in laminate design.

Canvas Collection: Where Every Surface Tells a Unique Story

Dorby's Canvas collection narrates a new story with every design in its beautiful range of artistic laminates. Designed to let the laminates speak for themselves, this collection emits confidence and creativity. From striking geometrics to intricate motifs, Canvas invites designers and consumers to explore the endless possibilities of laminate designs, and inculcate these visual stories into their spaces.

Vibron: Colour Changes Everything

The Vibron collection introduces seven new categories, marking a leap forward in laminate design. Embracing the ethos of minimalism, Vibron offers a harmonious blend of muted tones and vibrant colours, reflecting the latest global trends.  Vibron sets a new benchmark in solid laminate design variations with seven new categories, including Cloudy, 45 Degree Flutes, High Gloss Flutes , Bamboo Flutes, Sections, Artistica and Nutone.

Mr Mehul Agarwal, Director and CEO, Dorby said," IndiaWood 2024 offered a unique platform for us to launch our latest collections. We were honoured to launch our prized new offerings among industry stalwarts, designers and like-minded individuals who shared our enthusiasm for infusing fresh creativity and design thinking into the industry. Our latest collection represents the amalgamation of our dedication to creativity, quality, and innovation.” 

Mr Rajiv Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, Dorby said, “Launching our latest collection at the IndiaWood 2024 was an amazing opportunity for our brand. It was heartening to see so many attendees appreciating our new offerings, giving us further impetus to continue evolving and bringing awe-inspiring products to the fore. Moreover, the popularity of our premium collection, Edge Lamina, has given a clear picture of the growing demand for high-end luxury products in the surface decor sector of the country.”


Dorby IndiaWood 2024 Innovative Designs