An Overview on MSME Champions Scheme: SMEStreet Exclusive Report

This SMEStreet Gyan Manch Report is decoding MSME Champions Scheme from the aspect of core benefits of this scheme and how MSMEs' can avail of the benefits of this scheme. This report also highlights somme of the flagship attractions of MSME Champions Portal and much more.

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Nov 08, 2023 10:23 IST
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SMEStreet Report on MSME Champions Scheme

SMEStreet Exclusive Report on MSME Champions Scheme

The MSME Champions Scheme, also known as the "Champions Portal," was an initiative launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India. The primary aim of this scheme is to promote and support micro, small, and medium enterprises in India by providing them with a platform for grievance redressal, business support, and technology adoption. 

Here are some key aspects of the MSME Champions Scheme:

  • Grievance Redressal: The Champions Portal is designed to address grievances and issues faced by MSMEs. Entrepreneurs and business owners can register complaints related to delayed payments, regulatory concerns, or any other challenges they encounter in their business operations.

  • Handholding and Support: The scheme provides support and assistance to MSMEs in various forms. This can include mentoring, advice, and guidance to help them overcome obstacles and enhance their business processes.

  • Promotion and Market Access: MSMEs can use the platform to promote their products and services. The Champions Portal may help them connect with potential customers, both domestically and internationally, and guide them on market research and export promotion.

  • Technology Adoption: The scheme encourages MSMEs to adopt new technologies and modernize their operations. It may provide information and resources to help MSMEs embrace digital tools and Industry 4.0 practices.

  • Training and Skill Development: MSMEs can benefit from training programs and workshops to upgrade the skills of their workforce. This helps them stay competitive and adapt to changing market demands.

  • Awareness and Information Sharing: The portal acts as an information hub, providing news, updates, and resources relevant to MSMEs. It keeps them informed about government policies, schemes, and other developments that can affect their businesses.

  • Access to Finance: While not a direct financing platform, the Champions Scheme may help MSMEs by connecting them with banks and financial institutions that offer loans and financial assistance tailored to their needs.

  • Quality Certification and Compliance: The portal may guide MSMEs through the process of obtaining quality certifications and ensuring compliance with various regulations, enhancing their credibility and marketability.

Please note that the details and features of government schemes like the MSME Champions Scheme can evolve and change over time. To get the most up-to-date and accurate information about the scheme, it's essential to visit the official website of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, or contact relevant authorities for the latest details and how to access the services and support provided by the scheme.

How the Champions Scheme is Benefitting Indian MSMEs 

The Indian MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) Champions Scheme was introduced in India to support and promote the growth of MSMEs. 

However, we at SMEStreet have explored and understood some key insights on how Indian MSMEs can benefit through such a scheme:

  1. Business Support and Handholding: The MSME Champions Scheme typically offers various forms of support, including advisory services, training, and handholding for MSMEs. This can help MSMEs improve their business processes, marketing strategies, and overall operational efficiency.

  2. Access to Finance: Many MSMEs face challenges in accessing affordable financing. The Champions Scheme may facilitate financial support by connecting MSMEs with banks and financial institutions that provide loans at favorable terms.

  3. Market Access: The scheme often helps MSMEs expand their market reach, both domestically and internationally. It can provide guidance on market research, export promotion, and networking with potential customers and partners.

  4. Technology Adoption: In a rapidly evolving business landscape, technology adoption is crucial for MSMEs. The Champions Scheme might provide support in adopting new technologies, such as Industry 4.0 tools, to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

  5. Skill Development: Enhancing the skills of the workforce is vital for the growth of MSMEs. The scheme may offer training programs and workshops to upgrade the skills of the MSME workforce.

  6. Mentorship and Networking: MSMEs can benefit from mentorship and networking opportunities, which can be facilitated through the scheme. Experienced mentors can provide guidance and advice, while networking can help MSMEs establish valuable connections.

  7. Resolution of Issues: MSMEs often face various challenges, including delayed payments from larger companies. The Champions Scheme may help resolve such issues through advocacy and intervention on behalf of MSMEs.

  8. Awareness and Promotion: The scheme can help in promoting the products and services of MSMEs through various means, such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and online platforms.

  9. Quality Certification: Many MSMEs lack necessary certifications for quality standards. The scheme may guide MSMEs through the process of obtaining quality certifications, which can enhance their credibility and marketability.

  10. Financial and Legal Consultation: MSMEs can benefit from financial and legal consultations, which can help them with compliance, tax planning, and financial management.

To take advantage of the MSME Champions Scheme, Indian MSMEs should practice the following:

  • Stay informed about the latest developments and updates related to the scheme.

  • Register and engage with the appropriate government agencies or departments responsible for implementing the scheme.

  • Participate in the training programs, workshops, and networking events organized under the scheme.

  • Seek assistance and support for specific challenges and opportunities relevant to their business.

It's essential for MSMEs to actively participate in the initiatives offered by the Champions Scheme to maximize the benefits and growth opportunities it provides.

Eligibility criteria for MSMEs to Avail benefits from MSME Champions Scheme

Eligibility criteria for MSMEs to avail of benefits from the MSME Champions Scheme were not explicitly outlined. The scheme primarily aimed to provide support and assistance to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India without strict eligibility restrictions based on size or sector. However, the eligibility to access certain services or benefits within the scheme may vary.

Here are some critical points to consider:

  • Size of Business: The MSME Champions Scheme is primarily intended for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. The specific definitions of these categories can be found in the MSME Act, 2006. Businesses falling within these size categories are typically eligible for support and assistance under the scheme.

  • Registration and Compliance: It's advisable for MSMEs to be registered under the Udyam Registration (formerly Udyog Aadhar) to benefit from various government schemes and incentives. Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations is also essential.

  • Active Engagement: To benefit from the scheme's grievance redressal, handholding, or business support services, MSMEs should actively engage with the Champions Portal or relevant government authorities. This may involve registering on the portal and actively seeking assistance for specific issues.

  • Specific Benefits: Depending on the nature of the support needed, there might be specific eligibility criteria for certain benefits or services. For example, if an MSME seeks export promotion support, it must meet the requirements for participating in export-related programs.

  • Location: Some schemes or programs under the Ministry of MSME may be targeted toward businesses located in specific regions or states, particularly in areas with a focus on industrial development.

Since the eligibility criteria and services available through the MSME Champions Scheme may change or evolve, it is crucial for MSMEs to refer to the official website of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, or contact relevant government authorities to get the most current information and understand the specific eligibility requirements for each service or benefit offered under the scheme. Additionally, reaching out to local MSME support organizations and business development agencies can also provide guidance on accessing the scheme's benefits.


How to Enroll in MSME Champions Scheme?

Enrolling in the MSME Champions Scheme primarily involves registering and engaging with the Champions Portal, an online platform established by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India. This portal is designed to provide assistance and support to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India. Here are the general steps to enroll in the MSME Champions Scheme:

  • Visit the Champions Portal:

    • Access the official Champions Portal website, which is the primary platform for enrolling and availing benefits. The portal's web address may change, so it's essential to verify the official website's URL through a trusted source, such as the Ministry of MSME's website.

  • Registration:

    • Navigate to the registration or sign-up section of the Champions Portal.

    • You may need to provide basic information about your business, including its name, address, Udyam Registration number (if available), contact details, and other relevant details.

  • Login Credentials:

    • After registration, you will receive login credentials, such as a username and password. Ensure that you keep this information safe and confidential.

  • Access Services:

    • Log in to the Champions Portal using your credentials.

    • Explore the various services and support options available on the portal, including grievance redressal, handholding, market access, technology adoption, and more.

  • Submit Grievances or Requests:

    • If you have specific grievances or requests, you can submit them through the portal. This might include issues related to delayed payments, regulatory challenges, or any other concerns you face in your business operations.

  • Engage with Support Services:

    • Depending on your needs, you can engage with the support services offered through the Champions Scheme. This may involve seeking advice, mentoring, or accessing resources for improving your business.

  • Stay Informed:

    • Regularly check the portal for updates, news, and information relevant to MSMEs, including government policies, schemes, and developments that might affect your business.

Please note that the enrollment and engagement process may vary based on the specific services or benefits you seek within the Champions Scheme. it's essential to visit the official website of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, or contact relevant government authorities for the most up-to-date information and guidance on how to enroll and utilize the services provided by the MSME Champions Scheme.

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