SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021 Successfully Conducted

Secretary MSME Ministry, Shri BB Swain was a chief guest of the awards and he delivered a keynote address in which he emphasized the important role of women entrepreneurs in shaping up our socio-economic scenario. Shri Swain congratulated the winners of SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021 and highlighted the Government of India’s schemes and programs that are aimed to deliver motivation for women-driven MSMEs.

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SMEStreet in association with WASME has successfully organized a Forum For ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT THROUGH WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP along with SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021. The Awards were announced along with a panel discussion over digital platforms on 22nd October 2021.

The event was supported by the Ministry of MSME, Govt of India and SAVE (Society for Advancement of  Village Economy).

The Chief Guest of the event Shri BB Swain, Secretary of MSME Ministry, Govt of India delivered a keynote Address in which he emphasized on the important role of women entrepreneurs in shaping up our socio-economic scenario. Shri Swain congratulated the winners of SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021 and highlighted the Government of India’s schemes and programs that are aimed to deliver motivation for women-driven MSMEs. CA Dr. GP Agarwal, Secretary-General of WASME delivered a special welcome address and he spoke about the importance of motivating women in the workforce.

The topic of the forum to be organized was “The Role and Impact of Women Empowerment through MSME Development” in the panel discussion the distinguished panelists such as Shri Kishwar Janaki, Ambassador of Mauritius to Moscow, Russia, Ms Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director of WASME and Secretary SAVE, Shri Amit Dua, DVP, of Axis Bank. The session was moderated by Shri Faiz Askari, Secretary-General, SMEStreet Foundation and Founder Editor of SMEStreet.

Speaking at the forum, Ms. Alka Arora, Jt Secretary and CMD of NSIC, Ministry of MSME stated, “Women Empowerment is a major priority of the Government. We at MSME Ministry are working on structured motivation for women entrepreneurs and have several schemes and programs which are aimed to uplift the level of women in business.”

The panel discussion highlighted and discussed the aspect of ‘Shaping up Entrepreneurship through Empowered Women and Women Workforce’.

Ms Sampa Banerjee, Executive Director, WASME also congratulated the winners of the awards and mentioned, “Our society and socio-economic structure requires a new perspective towards empowered women. Issues such as Gender Budgeting are some topics which require detailed consideration and role of women in entire socio-economic activities must be brought up.”

Shri Chandan Keshwar Jankee, Ambassador of Mauritius to Moscow, emphasized the need for change in perspective towards the subject of Women Empowerment and urged that the diverse relevance of women’s power for the social upliftment should be emphasized.

Shri Amit Dua, DVP of Axis Bank presented his views while emphasizing the importance of giving proper acknowledgement to the women’s power around us.

 Shri Faiz Askari, Founder of SMEStreet emphasized the need to have a fresh perspective towards the contribution of women in the workforce. The status of women in the workforce is a critical aspect of our social stability and socio-economic growth. The contributions of women in our economic and business ecosystem are very dynamic. All we need is to acknowledge their importance.”

Giving an overview of the SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards, Shri Faiz Askari stated, “The campaign of these awards started around three months ago. During this period the organizing team and editorial team of SMEStreet received nominations from over 65 countries and we have so far selected a few women leaders who can be termed as Game Changers of their own ecosystems. The nominations were kept free purposely for ensuring maximum outreach.”

The winners of the SMEStreet Global Women Leadership Awards 2021 are:

  • Ms Alka Arora, CMD NSIC, Jt. Secretary – MSME Ministry

  • Ms. Firdous Khan – Philanthropy and Women Empowerment

  • Ms Gaitree (Vanessa), Associate Professor, Academics

  • Dr Lulwa Al Mutlaq – Founding President, GOLDEN TRUST 

  • Ms. Rose Mboya : Head of Intellectual Property Division at Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, Kenya 

  • Ms. Sabina Kamal Co-Founder of Paytm M’Loyal 

  • H.E Denisa Gokovi ,  Founder & CEO at Hoinser Media Group, Albania

  • Mrs. Monideepa Mukherjee, Director general, Yojana Magazine, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

  • Ms. Deeksha Ahuja Founder of Encubay Angel Fund -Pune

  • Ms. Christina A Petrakis, from Argentina & United States for Women Leadership

  • Ms. Lata Dagar, Founder of Shiksha Craftz

  • Ms. Sonal Jindal, Founder Exim Bank

  • Ms. Nidhi M Hola, Director Marketing, Microsoft

  • Ms. Pooja Khanna, Senior Medical Professional

The webinar hosted over 10000 Women Leaders across the world on that day through, Digital and Social Media platforms and is expected to connect and educate over 50000 aspiring women entrepreneurs over the next few weeks through and its social media platforms.

On this occasion, SMEStreet-Women Leadership Forum (Pink Power Group) is also getting formed with an aim to discuss, develop and empower entrepreneurship through Women Leaders and influence the positivity for Women @ Workforce. This will be a consortium of Women Leaders from Entrepreneurial Backgrounds.

The organizing agency of this webinar is Vertical Business Media Pvt. Ltd. and SMEStreet Foundation which is the parent organization of;

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SMEStreet’s Youtube Channel – SMEStreet ViewPoint (Youtube).

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