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A brief introduction to a new movement for making a positive change for Indian MSMEs & Potential rich entrepreneurs. Let’s welcome SMEStreet Foundation!

SMEStreet Foundation 

SMEStreet FOUNDATIONAfter over 6 years of the online presence of and after engaging with over One Million CXOs from MSMEs, SMEStreet Foundation comes into reality as a ‘Section 8’ Company registered from Haryana, India to serve the potential rich Indian MSME segment and it’s vast ecosystem. 


In order to Motivate, Nurture and Develop Next Level Business Growth for any or every Indian Startup, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise with Collaborative and Inclusive Approach, SMEStreet Foundation came into existence as a Section 8 -Not for Profit Business Platform. 

Brief Background 

Started as a blog for MSMEs in 2014, SMEStreet has evolved as a knowledge-sharing focused media platform. In its journey, SMEStreet has managed to attract the attention of MSME entrepreneurs, Startups and policymakers who are working in the area of MSME development. In all these years, SMEStreet has received national level and global attention. In 2018, the founder-editor of SMEStreet was invited to participate in United Nations South-South Global Expo in New York.

As a result of its continued and sustained approach towards building the MSME sector through its content, SMEStreet have become a strong and credible source of knowledge and information for MSMEs within and outside India. 

SMEStreet conducted several reports, market research and special surveys.

With the formation of SMEStreet Foundation, we intend to create a valued and tangible ecosystem for MSMEs’ Development.  And this will also be a great avenue for action-oriented leaders & mentor-figures who wish to serve the MSME sector. 

SMEStreet Foundation


SMEStreet Foundation will be anchored on dynamic and well-accepted media platform  

At this moment we are inviting active participation of like-minded change-makers. We will be very happy if you decide to join our ecosystem of MSME & Startup Goodness – SMEStreet Foundation.  We are finalising several important action points and would really appreciate if you can share your thoughts & ideas and suggestions to us at

About SMEStreet Foundation Membership Program

Stay Connected,

Faiz Askari,

Founder & SMEStreet Foundation


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