Is it Feasible to Expect a Plane and Non-Attractive Interim Budget?

To understand today's upcoming Interim Budget we must understand the legacy of the Modi Government's Interim Budget. Faiz Askari Writes a commentary just ahead of the Union Budget 2024 Speech.

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Union Budget 2024 Expectation

Union Budget 2024 Expectation

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To understand today's upcoming Interim Budget we must understand the legacy of Modi Government's Interim Budget. We also have to understand the fact that in the 2019 Interim Budget major announcements were made. These were related to farmers' income and agriculture infracreation. 

We can certainly expect some major mass-oriented announcements in this year's interim budget as well. 

For example, in today's Union Budget Speech FM Smt Nirmala Sithraan can announce some additional benefits to Women farmers. 

Pilgrimage Travel in India is expected to have an exponential boost. This can be assumed very easily by looking at the recent grand opening of Ayodhya's Ram Mandir. 

Also, we at SMEStreet also expect FM Sithraman to touch upon some major announcements from the perspective of India's financial progress initiatives because this is India's first year in the JP Morgan Emerging Bond Index. At the Global level India's economic leadership is also going to shape positively, The Modi Government will not ignore this aspect. 

We can also expect Ease of Doing Business steps which will impact the MSME sector. 

Manufacturing sector support will become significant fro this Budget Speech. This could be in the form of PLI announcements.


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