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Zenlayer Bullish On Content Delivery Network in India and Southeast Asia

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Global edge cloud services provider Zenlayer, is pleased to announce the addition of their new service of Content Delivery Network (CDN) to the company’s suite of low-latency services for improving digital user experience. Built on Zenlayer’s global network, content can be delivered in under 30 milliseconds (ms) to anywhere in the Zenlayer global network and under 10 ms in major cities – faster than human perception.

The new CDN is part of Reimagine Zenlayer, an initiative this fall reimaging what Zenlayer can be and take the company’s abilities to improve global digital experience to the next level. The new CDN service more than doubles previously available speeds while vastly increasing coverage. Other aspects of the campaign include a completely new website and new features for Cloud Networking, including worldwide full-mesh networks on demand.

“Zenlayer is always striving to improve user experience,” said Joe Zhu, Zenlayer founder and CEO, Zenlayer. “Content Delivery Network improves experience not just for end users but also any business with a global userbase by making it easy to deliver content near-instantaneously. I’m especially pleased we’re releasing CDN this year, when current events have made access to digital content more crucial to our wellbeing than ever.”

Zenlayer has already impressed customers during the product’s soft launch. “With terabytes of data to transfer every minute, we needed a partner who could help us handle that amount of traffic both quickly and securely. After a thorough evaluation, we sealed the deal with Zenlayer. It wasn’t just their technology that impressed us but also their team’s collaborative approach to the solution that made us tilt towards them,” said Kamal Patel, Founder of Indian social app Doobido.

A Content Delivery Network works by distributing content from an origin point to servers located near users around the world. Businesses only need to choose what content they want to distribute and where without concerning themselves with the underlying network structure. Zenlayer CDN uses the company’s private, global backbone for fast and secure distribution. When users want to access a picture, file, or other distributed content, intelligent routing directs their request to the server nearest them. This greatly improves application responsiveness and thus user satisfaction and ultimately company revenues.

While Zenlayer CDN is available globally, particular emphasis has been made by adding locations for lower latency in India and Southeast Asia. According to Amit Singh, Managing Director, Zenlayer India, “India and Indonesia are the fastest growing markets in the world, with over 900 million users. There should be no excuses for subpar speeds to such a key region. We want to make sure every user in Indonesia and India gets optimal service and to deliver an unparalleled service, we have over 70 edge locations devoted to this goal.”

Beyond static content delivery, Zenlayer CDN is unique in its ability to seamlessly integrate with the dynamic acceleration solutions and on-demand networking infrastructure for fine-tuned control by Zenlayer. The intuitive interface and API support make it easy to add content distribution across six continents. Additional features include real-time analytics, “pay as you go” billing for easy scaling, and multiple security options both at the source and during transmission. High availability is maintained through multi-server and route redundancy for load optimization, making it an ideal solution for enterprises managing huge data.

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