Zamit & NeoFusion Launch iSKiL Programme

Zamit's iSKiL Programme (International Skills & Knowledge Integrated Learning Programme) offers a comprehensive co-curricular experience spanning 60 hours across 26 weeks,

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Gurgaon based Zamit, a leading innovator in AI-driven educational solutions, has partnered with NeoFusion Creative Foundation, a nationally certified NGO in Gurgaon, for the iSKiL programme to bring innovative learning solutions to empower underprivileged students and foster growth. Funded by The Future Foundation, the iSKiL programme will begin in the first week of April with 100+ enrolled students spanning classes 6 to 11. These students are school dropouts and they are provided a conducive environment where they can study on their own pace, and lead sustainable lives by aligning their interest with career choices.

Zamit's iSKiL Programme (International Skills & Knowledge Integrated Learning Programme) offers a comprehensive co-curricular experience spanning 60 hours across 26 weeks, tailored for students in grades 5 to 11. Leveraging a proprietary AI-driven model, based on the Measure-Improve-Monitor (M-I-M) approach, the iSKiL Programme ensures continuous progress and refinement. The programme is mapped to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) England, Wales & Northern Ireland (UK’s regulatory framework) and certified by QAI UK. Under the iSKiL programme students also get Internship opportunities and chance to participate in an Annual Scholarship Programme with scholarships worth INR 5 lacs. 

Transformative Learning Partnership

Abhijeet Mukherjee, CEO of Zamit, shared his enthusiasm in the following words, “We are thrilled to partner with NeoFusion Creative Foundation as their aim to provide a holistic education to young developing minds compliments ours. This association is dearer to us as it caters to the underprivileged kids who are often at the mercy of a system which fails to address their needs adequately. By joining forces with NeoFusion Creative Foundation, we aim to bridge the gap in educational opportunities and create transformative learning experiences that empower underprivileged children with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. Through innovative programs, collaborative initiatives, and targeted interventions, we aspire to make a tangible difference in the lives of these children, unlocking their full potential and paving the way for a brighter future.”


Dr. Anubhooti Bhatnagar, Founder, Director, NeoFusion Creative Foundation said, “We're excited to work with Zamit to improve education. Our goal is to make learning better and fair for everyone. The iSKiL program will help our students learn important skills along with their regular subjects. It will be especially helpful for teenagers facing tough situations. By teaming up with Zamit, we hope that all students will have what they need to reach their goals and make a positive impact on society”

Zamit stands out as an innovative leader dedicated to reshaping the educational landscape through its pioneering Measure, Improve, and Monitor (M-I-M) methodology. By harnessing state-of-the-art AI technology, Zamit delivers tailored solutions for both students and educators, enriched by comprehensive Learner Analytics (LA) insights.

In close partnership with educational institutions, Zamit crafts bespoke program delivery strategies aimed at cultivating dynamic learning environments. Collaborating with QAI UK, Zamit ensures access to internationally recognised certifications aligned with the esteemed Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland—the gold standard in accreditation. Furthermore, Zamit provides access to premium educational content curated by esteemed global experts, enriching the learning experience for all stakeholders.


Zamit NeoFusion iSKiL Programme