YES SECURITIES Partners with InvestorAi to Offer First Machine-Powered and AI-Driven Follow the Machine Portfolios

InvestorAi FtM Portfolios have been built with the philosophy to help investors benefit from machine-driven investment ideas and auto-rebalancing of assets that helps in saving time.

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Akshaya Bhargava, Founder and Chairman, Bridgeweave

Bridgeweave, a UK based fintech and parent company for InvestorAi, with a mission to make wealth development easy for everyone, partners with YES SECURITIES to offer their flagship AI-powered InvestorAi Follow the Machine (FtM) portfolios on the latter’s investing platform. InvestorAi offers two portfolios, namely FtM Trailblazers and FtM Hidden Gems for the customers of YES SECURITIES. These are the first AI-driven portfolios offered by YES SECURITIES on their platform.

InvestorAi FtM Portfolios have been built with the philosophy to help investors benefit from machine-driven investment ideas and auto-rebalancing of assets that helps in saving time, effort and overcomes emotional decision making and biases.

InvestorAi’s FtM Hidden Gems is designed to deliver a 10-stock portfolio with strong risk-adjusted returns. It is constructed with a balance of cyclical and defensive stocks with sector diversification. The algorithm shortlists stocks which score well on factors such as capital structure, forward P/E, 60-day relative return, 2-year beta and 1-year standard deviation.

InvestorAi’s FtM Trailblazer is designed to identify stocks that show positive price momentum and may deliver at least a 3% absolute return within the next 30 days. It aims to capitalise on existing positive upward trends in the market. It is likely to outperform on the upside and in periods of drawdown, it may lag the index. Stocks are selected based on predictive outperformance computed by combining fundamental, technical and momentum factors.

InvestorAi’s Machine driven approach has combined AI-powered bottom-up stock selection with top-down constraints to deliver balanced and diversified portfolios. The benefit of Following the Machine is that emotional biases don’t play a role in allocation decisions. The Machine follows a programmatic, rules-driven approach.

Akshaya Bhargava, Founder and Chairman, Bridgeweave said, “We are delighted to have partnered with YES SECURITIES. At InvestorAi we believe in helping investors make better decisions through advanced algorithmic insights and cutting edge predictive artificial intelligence. Our FtM portfolios are a key component of this and have demonstrated an ability to deliver consistent returns even in a year of volatility. We hope we will be able to serve more customers and make their investing journey easy, with the help of cutting-edge technology. We look forward to a great collaboration with YES SECURITIES .“

Mr. Jay Prakash Sinha, Head – Digital Initiatives & Investments, YES SECURITIES said, At YES SECURITIES, we endeavour to create long-term wealth for our clients through asset allocation and systematic investment. We are delighted to partner with Bridgeweave as it will allow our customers to commence a disciplined investment journey backed and guided by data science. YES SECURITIES will now be able to offer its customer the best of both worlds i.e. fundamental research backed stock picks curated by our highly experienced research team and investment ideas backed by cutting edge predictive artificial intelligence and machine learning through InvestorAi FtM."

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