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Work From Home Tools from Poly that help in Better Productivity for Remote Work Setup

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With the year gone by, remote work has picked up a steady pace now. Today, more than ever before, people are working in places outside of the conventional office and many companies have remote working from optional to enforce in many cases. The latest rise of remote working is largely driven by technology as collaboration via cloud systems is so prevalent.

 There are plenty of perks for employees while working remotely but there are various challenges the employees face in their day-to-day life. Matching workplace productivity from outside of the office can be demanding, which leaves businesses facing lower output and productivity. Thankfully, technology can overcome the problem the remote workers face. 

It is important that we have the right tools that help us mitigate work from anywhere – our living room, a coffee shop or the office.

 Below are the best tools from Poly (erstwhile Polycom and Plantronics), the collaboration industry expert has come up with a number of premium Work-From-Home meeting gadgets for your enhanced experience with better sound and video quality.

·         POLY EAGLEEYE MINI HD VIDEO CONFERENCING CAMERA – You may have heard the acronym K.I.S.S. before, but as it turns out, Keep It Stupid Simple is a design principle that was first used by the US Navy in 1960. Effectively, it means that any designs or systems should be as simple as possible. In that vein, the EagleEye Mini is about as simple as it gets: Installing the device is as easy as plugging it in; no drivers required for installation means you’ll be ready to start conferencing in just seconds. This handy little USB-powered HD video conferencing camera connects to your laptop or home computer, and features 1080P HD video to bring clarity to your meetings, while 4x electronic zoom and 74-degree field of view makes conference calls feel like in-person meetings. Poly Black Eagle Eye Mini Camera is available at a price point of INR 11,750

·         POLY VOYAGER FOCUS UC -Even though you may be working from home office, your favorite café, or even the office, distractions are everywhere. The day you work from home might be when your neighbor decides to start on their home renovations. An excited group of teenagers in conversation might decide to sit down at the table next to yours at the café (with proper social distancing, of course). Or your office colleagues might decide to start singing “Happy Birthday” to someone in the group as you’re trying to get on with an important conference call. A headset like the Voyager Focus UC comes in handy with its ability to filter out the background noise, while projecting your voice clearly and confidently so your contribution to the meeting can be heard. When it’s time to take a music break between back-to-back calls, the Voyager Focus UC delivers rich bass, crisp highs, and natural mid-tones to let you enjoy your favorite tunes. Poly Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth Headset is available at at a price point of INR 15,000

·         POLY Blackwire C5220 UC Bluetooth Headset – Poly Blackwire C5220 fits your busy workday. Easy to use, its USB/USB-C and 3.5 mm connectivity lets you work on a variety of devices. And it’s comfortable enough to wear all day, with a hi-fi stereo that surrounds you in sound. When colleagues are around, the headset masks out nearby talking for greater focus. When you’re on a call, Dynamic Mute Alert senses and alerts you when you try to talk when muted. You can also customize voice alerts to your language of preference. Combine that with Plantronics Manager Pro® subscription-based software-as-a-service that is sold separately and you’ll have support that offers greater IT insights, helps you troubleshoot and allows you to simplify headset adoption. Poly Blackwire C2250 UC Bluetooth Headset is available at at a price point of INR 7,000 

·         POLY SYNC 20 USB/BLUETOOTH SMART SPEAKERPHONES – A remarkable sounding three-in-one device, it’s a personal speakerphone, a portable music speaker and a smartphone charger all in one. Its compact, sleek design and carrying case make it perfect for users on the go. The USB and Bluetooth speakerphones are designed to enable today’s need to work from anywhere – whether that’s a remote work location at home or a conference room in the office. Poly Sync speakerphone’s USB and Bluetooth® connectivity options offer flexibility, while its intelligent microphones can easily detect voices throughout the room to enable crisp audio quality for both work and entertainment. For seamless voice integration, connect Poly Sync speakerphones to your Siri or Google voice assistant and check even more off your to-do list without lifting a finger. Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone is available at at a price point of INR 13,500

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