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What Is the Best Solar Battery for Your Home?

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Today, the need to use renewable sources such as solar energy has increased. It is because the world is facing a climate change due to rigorous use of non-renewable sources like coal. There are solutions like solar PV panels that generate electricity by transforming the sunlight captured by the system’s solar cells. Such a system compromises PV panels, a solar inverter, and more. Here, a solar inverter is like a traditional inverter; however, it converts solar energy from the sun instead of the grid. 

Solar power produced by the panels is known as DC (Direct Current), and it can be directly used by small appliances where power is stored in the battery, such as gadgets, iPods, MP3 players, etc. However, most of the appliances in our home are run by AC (Alternating Current). 

Luminous Battery

Image Courtesy: Luminous

A solar inverter converts the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power since most of the appliances run on AC power. However, what happens when the solar panel is not working at night or when you have surplus energy converted by the inverter, which is not used by your home? At this point, a solar battery comes into the picture. Reputed brands like Luminous offers a wide range of batteries, and the solar battery price is also affordable.

What is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery is a device that, when required, is used to store solar energy and discharge power. When the sun goes down, the accumulated electricity is consumed, especially when there is a peak in energy demand or during a power outage.

In off-grid PV systems, solar batteries that are rechargeable are used to store excess electricity. With the gradual decrease in the solar battery price, homeowners are opting for solar solutions with an inverter and battery.

Reliable brands such as Luminous offer solar batteries with tubular technology for longer life at a reasonable solar battery price. Along with rugged performance, they also provide with up to 5-year warranty. We have also included some versions that might help you choose the right solar inverter battery for your requirement—

  • L Series

Solar inverter batteries from the L Series are C10 rated deep cycle batteries that provide your home with long-lasting power backup. You get a warranty duration of 3 years with the L Series solar inverter battery. 

  • H Series

H Series solar batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries, which for long hours also provide a long-lasting power backup for your home. You get a warranty duration of 5 years with the H Series battery.

Both these variants require very low maintenance, and the topping frequency is once in 8 to 10 months. They can handle extreme weather conditions since they offer high-temperature performance features. 

Choose the Best Solar Battery for Your Home

There are many advantages of opting for solar inverter battery storage. You can save money on energy bills, turn to clean and renewable energy, and get power back up if the grid fails by selecting the Solar NXG UPS set from reliable brands like Luminous. Solar inverter batteries can be an ideal addition for homeowners who have built solar panels to stabilize the energy supply and to enjoy a more efficient system for years to come. Not only this the solar battery price for installation is also low. You get prompt and continuous support from the Luminous expert team to keep your solar power generation system running. They service in 300 cities, and trained professional are available 24×7. So, opt for a green solution today!

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