What is The Architecture of SAP Business One and The Various Advantages of Using The Software?

What is The Architecture of SAP Business One and The Various Advantages of Using The Software?

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SAP Business One

SAP Business One or SAP B1 is a successful ERP platform that has been specially developed for small and medium enterprises for effective business management. SAP B1 is able to efficiently integrate the various business functions of customer service management, purchasing, sales, finances as well as inventory management. It is a single system that eliminates the requirement for different software for every function. SAP B1 can be deployed very quickly either on-premise or on cloud. 

The Architecture of SAP Business One 

The architecture of SAP Business One is based on a two-tier and client-server model. The data processing does not rely on the performance of the server. You can choose from two database/server software that are Microsoft SQL Server for Windows as well as SAP HANA for Linux. The SAP B1 client can connect the users to the server of SAP Business One. The transactions can be done via the SQL server. Even if a business is running MS SQL for transactions, they can use SAP HANA for the purpose of business analytics. They will have to utilise the SAP Business One Analytics that is run on SAP HANA.        

Various Advantages of SAP Business One

SAP Business One has the capabilities to be configured in a very easy and fast method. Software users are able to create a number of new fields for expanding the data that has been recorded. SAP B1 is able to provide a correct picture of the entire business in an effective way. It efficiently controls each and every aspect of all the business operations. 

  • It enhances efficiency for an improved bottom line – SAP B1 centralises the whole business across sales, inventory, operations, finances and purchasing in a complete end to end solution while removing the redundant data entries, and errors.
  • Focus on business growth– SAP Business One helps in the streamlining of business operations and organisations are able to focus on making the business much more profitable. 
  • Organisations can make smart and quick decisions – Companies can compile all the business information into one data source and businesses can respond to customer requirements promptly and make better informed decisions. 
  • SAP Business One provides significant support to the changing needs of a business – With a number of easy to use customization and add on solutions provided, SAP Business One is a very flexible software that can be tailored and expanded to meet the specific needs of any business.
  • It helps to connect all the stakeholders in a single seamless network – It is better to effectively serve the customers and deliver the operational efficiency with budget-friendly solutions for successfully managing the flow of information as well as bring harmony in all the various business processes. 

Let Us Look at The Cost of SAP Business One Implementation 

An ERP solution that can be configured very easily and brilliantly with the business processes might be able to reduce the implementation costs. There are several factors that eventually determine the pricing of the SAP B1 software. The cost of SAP implementation can be defined after considering the following points – 

  • The geographic location will have an effect on the cost of SAP implementation. This is because the requirements are different for every country. In each country, the creation of a different language set has to be done. SAP Business One provides support in many different languages and this will influence the cost.
  • The cost can also be decided on the basis of the amount of support as well as any maintenance that the SAP will be calling for. The support and maintenance expenses of the SAP B1 Add-ons would also be calculated.
  • Required licences - The implementation cost of SAP B1 will be dependent also on the type of licences and even the number of users according to the business requirements. The recent licences will cost more.
  • One important point is the hardware that is needed for the effective SAP implementation. Other than that, the number of users that are present, if any remote access is required, growth plans of the business, data volumes that require to be processed, etc. also have to be accounted for.


With SAP Business One, organisations can successfully streamline and enhance their processes. They are able to get a good insight into the business operations with real-time information resulting in better decision-making.  SAP B1 software enables the employees to collect and share important data of the organisation. It helps to save time and boosts communication among the different departments of the business.  



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