VAVO Digital Launched Vavo RedCarpet Concept Campaign for Startup Marketing

Vavo Digital to aid brand’s in formulating their marketing campaigns, thereby helping them grow in the competitive market space

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India is a HUB for startups but with the rapid competition, limited resources and marketing tools, the success rate for Indian startups is 10%, which means 90% of the startups fail within the first five years of their inception. Therefore, to empower the startup ecosystem in the country, VAVO Digital launches its Vavo RedCarpet concept campaign to revamp the startup marketing campaigns by offering one-time end to end influencer marketing assistance without any commission. In other words, the brand will offer the first campaign for free, to help startups unfold the potential of influencer marketing for their growth. Through this campaign the brand wants to make influencer marketing more accessible to startups by providing them an opportunity to explore the field of Influencer marketing and harnessing its true potential through expert team guidance.

With the recent announcement by PM Narendra Modi, regarding National Startup Day, which will now be celebrated every year on 16 January, it has become even more evident that the startup space is ever growing and it needs constant support from the community. Entrepreneurs that run these startups are visionaries who often face shortage of resources. Hence, different businesses must come together to contribute to the growth of the startup community in the country.

Over the past few months, the brand has been instrumental in ideating and executing successful influencer marketing campaigns for startups and MNCs. Through constant engagement with bigger brands and startups, the team at VAVO Digital realized the resource crux that the smaller startups face. Hence, this initiative was formulated as a way of offering bigger and better opportunities to the startups. This will also aid the startups in analyzing the pros and cons of investing in influencer marketing campaigns which offer higher ROI at affordable budgets.

VAVO Digital being an influencer marketing brand understands the immense power that optimistic and constructive engagement activities hold and the long-term effect these can create on the minds of the people. These engagements can help the brands to create an everlasting impact on the audiences and thereby result in better brand presence amongst the highly competitive market.

Speaking on the idea and source of inspiration behind this campaign, Neha Puri, CEO & Founder, VAVO Digital said, “I have worked with multiple startups during my tenure with a VC fund and I have had a previous startup of my own as well. I always wanted to work with the best of agencies, who could provide their expertise from their field, but being a startup, we came with our own budget restrictions and agency commissions would skyrocket. We at Vavo Digital collaborate with smaller content creators who have higher engagement rates, thereby helping startups to gain an extremely cost-effective way of leveraging influencer marketing.”

This is the time to support our country’s economy by helping the startups grow. Hence, Vavo RedCarpet concept campaign will enable the startups to create campaigns that will be budget friendly and will help them gain momentum and growth in terms of sales and ROI.

The campaign will help the startups with a limited budget, to team up with dozens, if not hundreds, of micro and nano influencers. Given the depth of their audience size, it enables wider reach, increases traffic and pushes sales to an extent few other tactics can. By adapting to such models, at Vavo the general commissions become lower than market thereby increasing accessibility for all. It is a one time campaign that will benefit startups for a longer run.

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