Urgent need to liberalise E-Commerce sector in India

Urgent need to liberalise E-Commerce sector in India

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The recent hearing of a case involving the RAI, where the DIPP has suggested that the Ecommerce marketplace model is not recognised under its current policy is bound to complicate matters in a sector that has faced considerable confusion over its policy.

It is accepted by all that Ecommerce has rejuvenated an otherwise somnolent trade environment and that it holds tremendous promise for the future in almost every aspect of trade activity be it logistics, employment or manufacturing.

The continued step-motherly treatment of the sector, particularly in the terms expressed in the hearing by DIPP is bound to disappoint, dissuade and disturb a growing section of investors, entrepreneurs and suppliers who have built viable business models around it.

“This episode only underlines the clear and urgent need for the Government to set parameters for a policy that helps the ecommerce sector grow without worrying about unnecessary regulations’, said Aamir Jariwala, Secretary- E-commerce Coalition of India. He added, “The Ecommerce Coalition seeks the Department’s urgent attention to fix this anomaly so that the sector can achieve its full potential in the years to come”.

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