Top 5 WordPress Payment Gateways In India

With UPI payments and internet banking, online transaction methods have undoubtedly made things easier and have broadened the eCommerce industry

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Paytm, PayPal, etc are some of the popular payment gateways for digital businesses in India. With UPI payments and internet banking, online transaction methods have undoubtedly made things easier and have broadened the eCommerce industry. So how do these transactions take place so efficiently? The answer is through Payment Gateways.

A payment gateway is an online service used by merchants i.e online business owners to make secure monetary transactions. You can picture it like a tunnel connecting a customer's bank to the platform where they are to transfer payments.

Payment gateways are there to build a potent and secure infrastructure to make seamless and safe transactions for your shop. Let’s get to know the top 5 WordPress payment gateways in India and try to understand why they are the most suitable ones for your online business.

Top 5 WordPress payment gateways in India.


  • PayPal

The popular and powerful payment gateway, PayPal, is designed perfectly for your business. With direct integration with WooCommerce, PayPal has a very high transaction success rate. The platform offers a simple setup to provide world-class security for your business. And the best part is that it doesn't charge cancellation fees, nor does it have any monthly minimums. Compatible with various payment modes like Mobile wallets, UPI, Credit/Debit cards, and others, enabling you to send payments globally to over 100 currencies. PayPal has simple compliance and robust APIs for collecting domestic and international payments.


  • Nimbbl

Nimbbl has obvious reasons for being a no-brainer for being an efficient and dependable WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin. Nimbbl WordPress plugin is perfect for Indian businesses, as it effortlessly caters to all your needs. It provides higher conversions and has multiple payment gateway providers like Razorpay, PayU, Cashfree, Paytm, and CCAvenue, all with one account. With a one-click checkout experience on payment methods like BNPL and UPI, you will be able to broaden your online shop, ensuring a better conversion rate on your store. Nimbbl has a fast and clean payment page with innovative Magik UPI flow for UPI payments. Nimbbl is free to install.


  • Razorpay

Razorpay is amongst the finest WordPress payment gateway plugins. With its seamless integration, it allows the customer to pay on the website without being redirected. The platform allows you to accept payments via its gateway– the Razorpay Payment Gateway. Razorpay's lightweight integration and easy application help you to take your business global without any additional integrations, and you can pay on 100+ different modes in 100+ different currencies. With its real-time currency conversions, your store can have reliable and better conversion rates.


  • Amazon

For the most customer-centric service-providing companies on the planet, opt for Amazon Pay. With its end-to-end payment solutions for millions of its active customers, it runs on a similar path– it has a robust platform and efficient integration with WordPress. Amazon has easy-to-use services with its payment protection policy. Secured with PCI compliance, Amazon accepts UPI, Mobile Wallets, Credit/Debit cards, and Net Banking from all available banks. Though Amazon doesn't have any annual maintenance fees, the platform has a transaction charge of 2% per transaction.


  • CCAvenue

 For a personalized checkout experience on your site, go for CCAvenue. The platform comes with support for a range of domestic and international languages. It is a popular payment gateway option for reliable transactions that process around 27 different foreign currencies. With iFrame integration and PCI compliant environment, CCAvenue comes with a great customer experience. CCAvenue on its switches to the best route, based on the bank’s performance to ensure the success of your transaction. It has detailed and insightful analytics options that have features like live monitoring, event notification, and fraud identification and prevention. With a secure collection of payments by phone, CCAvenue ensures the customer's experience of a secure transaction.

Final verdict

For your eCommerce, payment gateways determine the impact on the sale of your product. Though the job of a payment gateway is quite basic— to read the given data and get the merchant paid, the payment gateway has a vital responsibility. So, when you are to choose a payment gateway for your business, you need to be thoughtful enough to opt for one that guarantees a secure and smooth transaction experience. Your only priority is to provide a hassle-free and secure user experience for your customers.

Tip These are some parameters for you to better understand how to choose the right payment gateway for you. 

  • User Interface
  • Success rates
  • Multiple payment gateways with one account 
  • Settlement Period
  • Support
  • Mobile Optimization

Make sure to take care of these and opt for the right payment gateway that caters to all your needs and at the same time, is affordable.

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