The Bitcoin Influence on the Gaming Industry

Nowadays, pretty much everyone owns a smartphone and plays a game or two. Naturally, there are console gamers as well as people who prefer to play games on a PC.

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If there ever was something that has been popular for years and stayed so, it’s gaming. Nowadays, pretty much everyone owns a smartphone and plays a game or two. Naturally, there are console gamers as well as people who prefer to play games on a PC.

Whichever device they choose, the gaming industry makes sure to accommodate their needs. It keeps track of current trends and makes sure to incorporate them. That’s how it satisfies millions of gamers worldwide. The current trend is Bitcoin and it already has a place in the gaming industry.

Some online gaming venues accept it as a viable payment method for gift cards. Moreover, game developers are inspired by the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin. So far, there are several Bitcoin games that you can enjoy. Thanks to their rise a new kind of market emerged – the crypto gaming market.

Naturally, if you’re looking to try new kinds of games you can try these ones out. There are several Bitcoin titles out there. Some of them are educational while others are more fun-oriented. If you’re looking to dive in without any particular condition, then here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

This can be dubbed as an educational game. In fact, it’s a trading simulator app for Bitcoin. It gives you virtual currency to trade with and other players as competition. Naturally, you’ll have research tools to analyze the market with. In short, you have all you need to practice your skills as a Bitcoin trader.

Apps like this one are crucial to improving your skills as a novice trader. You’ll need to make important decisions when trading and practice will help you do so. That’s why you need to give Bitcoin Hero a try. There’s also a safer route that you can take.

This is relying on trading platforms. These use advanced algorithms that do the heavy lifting for you. All you’d need to do is reap the profits. You’ll come across many such platforms. Among them, you’ll see the likes of the bitcoin storm review. To make use of this platform you’ll need to make an account first. Then you’ll need to make the minimum deposit to have something to trade with. Afterward, you’ll need to go over the tutorials and a demo lesson. Once that’s done, you can give the platform a test with a live session. You can change the settings whenever you want after that.

Spells of Genesis

Trading card games might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Bitcoin game. However, Spells of Genesis is here to prove you wrong. You will make your deck as you go from opponent to opponent and defeat them.

You’ll have various factions to build your deck with. Naturally, you can use Bitcoin to buy cards and other collectibles to improve your chances in the game. In other words, Spells of Genesis is a relaxing title, but it can be a challenge as well.

Bitcoin Blast

Here’s another relaxing title that you play. This one features the Bitcoin symbol in multiple colors. As a result, your objective is to match as many of these symbols as you can. The game comes with its set of challenges that bring in a certain amount of points. These points will result in various prizes that come in the shapes of various amounts of Bitcoins. In other words, Bitcoin Blast is a game that will help you have a blast and earn something on the side.

Merge Cats

This is another relaxing title that you can get your hands on. Unlike Bitcoin symbols, this game has cats that come in various shapes and sizes. Your goal is to match or merge them, hence the name Merge Cats. The game has daily challenges that you need to complete to get prizes. Just like in the previous game, the prizes are made up of various Bitcoin amounts.


These are only a few Bitcoin titles that you’ll come across. More will be on the way since the industry is always looking to take it to the next level. If you just look at its advancements over the years then you’ll know that Bitcoin will have an important role to play in the future of gaming.

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