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Epson’s New Monochrome Printers Saves Money & Saves the planet!

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While the consumer market focuses on colour printing and more clarity, office printing has always been about two things – first, the unavoidable necessity to print black and white (monochrome) documents and second – cheap printing and maintenance. This holds true for almost all businesses.

With this large market in mind, Epson – the market leader in Indian Inkjet printing space – has launched seven new monochrome printers to further strengthen its a robust lineup of office printers. But this time it’s neither fighting for space among colour printers nor pushing the boundaries of DPI numbers. The core idea behind Epson’s new lineup is bringing printing costs down and keep ownership costs low for the companies.  They also achieve all this while conforming to the United Nations’s Sustainability Goals in mind (15 of them specifically).

The company claims that its new models do not just reduce printing costs by using efficient ink-tank technology but also help you save money and the environment by using much less electricity as compared to monochrome laser printers. These printers consume only 12 watts of power compared to 250 for common laser printers.

Epson M1170 monochrome printer
Epson M1170 monochrome printer

Epson also states that the use of proprietary Micro Piezo technology makes sure that their printers operate ‘heat-free’ compared to laser printers which create a great deal of heat. And then comes their ink tanks which can be refilled with small ink -bottles which don’t just last longer but also consume much much lesser space than toner cartridges of a laser printer – both in storage and on discard.

All this sustainability talk may or may not appeal to the SME, but the next part will. Epson claims that the cost of printing on these machines will be as low as 12 paise per page compared to over 2.5 rupees per page on a laser printer (a number we cannot verify independently). They also claim that they can deliver more pages in less number of refills and also assure us that the overall cost of ownership is much less for Epson than competitors. The printers also come equipped with auto-duplex capabilities which help save 50% on paper costs and consumption.

If cost-effectiveness is not your main concern, you may like the fact that Epson now offers 14 different models in monochrome and cover almost all kinds of office needs. You can be normal business, an NBFC, a lawyer’s office or a CA and you will find a solution fit for your use with Epson.

Epson M2170 monochrome printer
Epson M2170 monochrome printer

“The new Epson Monochrome EcoTank printers are ideal for organizations that are concerned about their printing costs, about efficiency and about the environment. They have been designed keeping in mind the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we actively support. With the addition of these new printers, Epson now has an extensive range of 14 Mono EcoTank printers to suit every office printing need. We intend to change the office printing landscape in India with these printers.” said Mr. Siva Kumar, Senior General Manager, InkJet Printers at Epson India.

Epson are currently working on improving both their service network and also in activating more channel partners to make a bigger statement in the market and for the sake of the environment we hope the succeed.

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