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Customized Customer Engagement Solution for SMEs from Microsoft

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Satisfied customers are instrumental to a company’s popularity, goodwill, and profitability. A seamless customer experience enhances engagement with the brand and breeds loyalty. According to research done by Gallup, a fully-engaged customer brings in 23% more revenue and profitability compared to an average customer. The Gallup research further reveals that interactions and engagement with the brand strongly influence a customer’s buying decisions rather than rational thinking.

The brand loyalists purchase more and refer more compared to average users. Businesses across several verticals have identified the need for robust customer engagement tools. Gartner estimates suggest the customer experience and relationship management software market is valued at US$48.2 billion and rising. However, there is no one method to engage and interact with consumers effectively. Stuck in the vicious circle of trying out new tools and software, companies end up spending millions on customer engagement and relationship solutions.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) to put that amount of money into building an app or a marketing website for customer engagement. However, the current market demands an online presence to interact with the customer and manage relationships. Microsoft has an out-of-the-box customer Engagement Solution to address all issues concerning customer relationship management. Available for free with the Office 365 suite, Kaizala app provides the option to create customer engagement group and add features like ratings, raising issues, business enquiry, and more. This functionality is a boon for SMBs, who can now engage with customers without having to spend thousands of working hours and marketing dollars into building a website or an app.


Kaizala customer engagement group lets you do more with just a click.

The customer engagement groups can be set up within 5 minutes and can be made discoverable within 500 Kilometers. The range of discoverability is customizable as per business needs. Businesses can promote new releases, announce product launches, or communicate policy changes to all the consumers within the group. Organizations can upload Brochure, Contacts, and Terms & Policies, which can be accessed readily by the consumer. Furthermore, customers can raise business enquiries using the platform, which can be addressed accordingly.

Gathering customer feedback has been made easy with the rate us feature. Businesses can run polls and surveys for collecting additional insights. Another critical issue addressed by the engagement group(s) is resolving customer issues. Customer dissatisfaction can prove detrimental to business growth, and often, the dissatisfaction arises from delayed resolution. Using the group features the businesses can track and resolve the issue on-time without any holdup. Companies can further expand their reach by utilizing referral functionality, which enables satisfied users to spread the word over social networks.

The Customer Engagement Solution from Kaizala provides Small and Medium-sized Businesses a comprehensive tool to interact with customers, gather feedback, collect insights, resolve queries, and acquire potential leads, at the click of a button.

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