Synology Boosts Surveillance Integration with Enhanced APIs

Surveillance Station Web API from Synology is designed for expanded feature support and easier integration.

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Building on the recent launch of Surveillance Station 9.1.2, Synology is introducing a number of advanced integration features for third-party applications. Coupled with refined developer tools, this update promises streamlined integration of external systems with Surveillance Station.

"We are committed to building a powerful video surveillance solution that works together with our customer's existing systems," said Josh Lin, Head of Surveillance Group at Synology. "With the capability to function as both an API client and server, Surveillance Station offers a versatile platform for integration. Whether it's embedding video streams into other platforms or overlaying external data onto recorded video, our solution is primed for swift integration with access controls, AI subsystems, and a myriad of interconnected systems."

FETC International (FETCi), a prominent provider of license plate recognition and RFID-based tolling solutions, has successfully integrated Synology's Surveillance Station and its updated API. This collaboration with Synology's development team has led to significant improvements in the operational efficiency of FETCi's tolling solutions.

New APIs and Webhook Functionality

Synology's reimagined Surveillance Station Web API is engineered for broader feature support and easier integration. To aid developers, an interactive API documentation site has been launched. Additionally, the introduction of the ChatGPT plugin empowers developers to swiftly generate code for API requests in languages such as Python and Golang through intuitive natural language commands.

The webhook functionality has also seen significant upgrades, now capable of transmitting details and snapshots from DVA video analytics results to external platforms. Furthermore, Surveillance Station can ingest data from third-party systems. Together, this enables users to create a truly unified security platform encompassing multiple systems, sensors, and alarms, all under one interface.

Common Use Cases

  • Embed Surveillance Station video streams directly into web pages.
  • Utilize license plate recognition results to automate access control functions.
  • Integrate face recognition with attendance systems for efficient personnel management.
  • Display AI analytic results from third-party systems directly on live feeds within Surveillance Station.


Surveillance Station 9.1.2, with its enhanced features, is now available globally. Developers can submit applications for access to Surveillance Station APIs and documentation.

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