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Dell Technologies Introduces New OptiPlex Business Desktops

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The company Dell Technologies or just Dell has introduced the OptiPlex business desktop computers to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this device series. The new series with 13th generation Intel® processors is designed to reduce complexity and provide performance and intelligent capabilities of new generations. New solutions have been introduced in terms of OptiPlex All-in-one, Micro, Small Form Factor and Tower variants with different combinations focusing on performance or design size so that users and buyers can choose the option that suits them best.

What’s New?

With these new devices, Dell Technologies continues to expand its traditional OptiPlex portfolio of the world’s safest and most intelligent business desktop computers, for which 9 out of 10 customers consider them better than competitors in terms of ease of setup, support experience, and reliability. 

From now on, computer models will no longer be labeled with different series, such as the 3, 5 and 7 series, but will be treated as a single OptiPlex model. Through a simple two-step process, users can choose the shape that suits them and then the features their need before purchasing.

Device management becomes easier thanks to unique BIOS interfaces, one for All-in-one models and another for all other solutions. The external BIOS verification system creates a backup of the system in case of errors or attacks, making it easier to identify future threats. 

The SafeID option will provide integrity authentication through secure data storage and processing for access on a separate security chip. Additionally, with the help of security component verification, users can be sure that their products will be delivered exactly as they defined and ordered, making the supply chain secure.

Similarly, Dell OptiPlex computers also bring progress in terms of sustainability. This year, desktop Optiplex computers are designed with up to 59.6% plastic from other devices. In addition, frames of certain models are made with a minimum of 10% recycled steel.

Optiplex All-in-one

Optiplex All-in-one
Optiplex All-in-one

To start, the new Optiplex All-in-one model of 24 inches provides premium performance, as well as sound and video quality in an attractive, elegant design. This model features Intel® Core™ i9 processors, 64GB DDR5 memory, and a mechanical FHD or 5MP IR camera that can be retracted, with additional options for Express Sign-in login and intelligent privacy.

OptiPlex Micro

Furthermore, the new OptiPlex Micro enables maximum productivity in an ultra-compact device size and is also equipped with Intel® Core™ i9 processors and 64GB DDR5 memory. This year’s special innovation is the Type-C single-cable power supply for configuring a 35W computer. All that is needed is to connect the Optiplex computer with the Type-C cable to the Dell USB-C hub monitor for instant charging and data transfer in a neat environment without too many wires.

OptiPlex Small Form Factor

For those who need more powerful performance and more possible inputs, but still require a compact design, the OptiPlex Small Form Factor offers the possibility of installing a graphics card up to 55W of power and up to 4 storage drives. 

Dell OptiPlex Tower

Dell OptiPlex Tower
Dell OptiPlex Tower

Finally, the new OptiPlex Tower model is also introduced for those who need ultimate performance and expansion capabilities with i9 125W processors powered by NVIDIA® graphics cards with support for up to 128GB DDR5 RAM.

The OptiPlex Tower offers the ability to install dual graphics cards, up to 500W of power and up to 4 storage drives, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as video editing, computer-aided design and even gaming. Even though this PC is originally designed for business, with i9, 128 GB of RAM and 500W graphics card, it is possible to play every Esports title. 

So, it is perfect for users who use their PCs for both work and gaming. Who does not enjoy a game of CS:GO or League after a hard day of hones work? This PC can surely provide that, and on highest settings with maximum FPS as well. There is no need for a separate gaming PC if you get this beast. 

What is common to all new models in the portfolio is the expansion of Intel vPro® platform capacity, where Intel vPro® Essentials and Intel vPro® Enterprise features enable modern management capabilities and hardware-level security, as well as lower energy consumption. Additionally, Dell Optimizer software uses artificial intelligence to improve system productivity.

All OptiPlex models can be further expanded with solutions for hybrid work, including special monitors and peripheral parts, as well as special stands and bases that are specifically tested and perfected for the best possible experience. Selected OptiPlex models also support the implementation of dual Dell Technologies monitors, which, when paired with a specially designed keyboard and mouse for collaborative work, provide the best work and video call experience.


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