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Dell Hybrid Cloud: Right Solutions Platform for Changing Work Dynamics

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Gartner’s recent forecast spoke about India’s public cloud end-user spending to be a total of $4.4Bn for this year. But is public cloud the right path to expand and develop one’s business and operation? Tech experts believe that Hybrid Cloud has the bigger potential in helping drive the changing work dynamics. Cloud computing emerges as an essential technology with the need to access critical applications and infrastructure scalability. Hybrid cloud architectures are gaining momentum, ensuring organizations have better security, data access, and visibility in the coming years and Dell is a major player backed by giant IT companies.
Public cloud has various advantages which include cost-effectiveness, no maintenance, agility, flexibility without redundancy and more. On the downside, the lack of data security and privacy, one size fits all concepts and loss of control has also led organizations to rethink investing in a public cloud. Organizations want a flexible option that would give them the benefits of a public cloud with security and control similar to an on-premises infrastructure. Cost is also a major contributor to make a selection of hybrid over the public. Dell Technologies Cloud offers a solution – a suite of cloud solutions that use the expertise of Dell Technologies to deliver a consistent management experience across hybrid cloud infrastructure,” said Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network (Titanium Partner – Dell Technologies)
The various solutions Dell Technologies Cloud comprises of are:
  • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail
  • Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs
  • VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and
  • Partner clouds
The challenge of operating several diverse cloud environments is that each platform requires a different set of tools and skills, making it hard for IT to consistently manage operations, security, compliance and service levels. Hence hybrid cloud is the go-to option. The inevitable result of this on-premise v/s cloud debate is that organizations frequently adopt multiple public cloud solutions and while also investing in private cloud infrastructure, creating a multi-cloud environment that is intended to meet all needs. Ideally, this multi-cloud model should allow applications to run on the cloud that is ideally suited to the needs of the workload, increasing performance and reducing costs. Dell Technologies Cloud uses the power of the Dell EMC infrastructure to make hybrid cloud environments easier to manage. With a robust hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform, a cloud management/orchestration tool and full-stack integration, this offering from Dell Technologies vastly simplify deployment and lifecycle management of hybrid cloud deployments. To continue to reap the benefits of multi-cloud environments, organizations need a solution that can provide a more consistent hybrid cloud management and operational experience. That’s where Dell Technologies Cloud can help.

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