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Data Recovery for Windows PC and Devices can be Connected to Windows PC

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Windows is one of the leading operating systems. A majority of computers, tablets, laptops and even smart phones are operated on Windows. In any scenario which could result either in the form of data loss from your device or may result in loss in access of your device, a windows recovery software can help you in retaining your device access and retrieving data. 

The process of data recovery works on efficient scanning and strong backed files access which may help you to get the data back. 

However, compared to traditional way to recover data-send the device to a data recovery service center, DIY data recovery software takes advantage in efficiency and cost. Just need to download the software, which takes like minutes. And such software is far less expensive than a recovery service. It even can be free if the lost data amount is not too much. 

But data undelete software doesn’t share any prominence in accuracy, since it only works for devices that don’t experience any physical damage and can’t help at all for data recovery resulted in a physically broken. 

In many cases, data loss is not caused by device damage, so data recovery tool can help a lot. Among some leading software tools available for this problem, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best free data recovery software as it allows to recover 2GB data at most after a SNS share. And it’s simply to apply, even for people who don’t have any IT knowledge. It’s an effective and non-destructive data rescue software. This works with a specialization of handling Hard Disk Drive (HDD)/SSD recovery, format recovery, raw recovery, partition recovery. This technically-advanced software is capable of quickly getting back all deleted, formatted, and inaccessible RAW files on Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008/7/8/10. It scans deeper into storage media devices than any other data recovery software on the market, which guarantees results.

Take a look at how to use it below: 

First, choose a location to scan the lost files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Screenshot for select a location

Then, wait for the quick scan or deep scan to finish. 

EaseUS data recovery software free screenshot for scan

Finally, find your lost files in the scan result and click “Recover”.

The search bar or file types can be used fully for a quick navigation in this step. 

Sometimes, the file names may be changed, so, if the target file is not found, try to check the files with systematic names. 

EaseUS data recovery software screenshot for preview

That’s the whole process. And it’s being a top choice in the field basically because of the high recovery rate and fast scan speed. A lot of professional reviews can be found on giant sites like Lifewire or TechRadar. 


Also, it bring some good experience by enabling preview of some types of files, like pic and office files including Word, Excel etc., which is extremely useful for photo recovery. 


Anyway, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is quite a good alternative for data recovery. If the data amount is over 2GB, it’s suggested to take use of the free or trial version to see if it helps first, then upgrade to the Pro version. 

You can have the data recovery software free download quickly on their official page.

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