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Aruba’s Network Analytics Helps in Decision Making – Arrow PC

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In the new decade, the option to make an informed and smart business decision quickly is very important. But in the current world where an overwhelming amount of data is generated, one would need to be informed when trying to make the right decisions to improve business prospects. This is where Network Analytics plays an important role. Network Analytics, the name is in a way self-explanatory as it means analysis of network data providing insight into the data collected leading to identify trends, patterns, help in troubleshooting resulting in right business decisions being made. Aruba’s Network Analytics products have been the go-to products in the market, especially with the increasing demand in the Telecom sector and Data Centers.
“SMBs and large enterprises with branches distributed across India or the world face network issues due to limited technical resources and assistance. Innovations in IT infrastructure that reduce downtime, identify anomalies, improve performance and resolve problems quickly contribute directly to business agility and business continuity. Arrow PC’s customers have always been assisted with the best products and services to tackle their IT issues and Aruba’s Network Analytics has proved to be of utmost help to companies. It has helped customers in improving their network performance, maintaining quality of service and ensuring compliance with IT policy,” said Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network Pvt Ltd.
Aruba Central is one of the most sought after products of Aruba offering unified network management, AI-based analytics and, IoT device security for wired, wireless and SD-WAN networks; all combined in one easy-to-use platform of the Network Operations and ClearPass Device Insight applications. Aruba Central has two variants of the web interface:

Standard Enterprise Mode:

It is intended for users who manage their respective accounts end-to-end. In the Standard Enterprise mode, the customers have complete access to their accounts. They can also provision devices and subscriptions to manage their respective accounts.

Managed Service Provider Mode (MSP):

MSP is for managed service providers, who need to manage multiple customer networks. The MSP administrators can provision tenant accounts, allocate devices, assign licenses and monitor tenant accounts and their networks. The administrators can also drill down to a specific tenant account and perform administration and configuration tasks. Tenants can access only their respective accounts and only those features and application services to which they have subscribed.
Organizations need Network Analytics as it is particularly useful in preventing, detecting and responding to security threats, which have since 2020 only increased multifold in terms of number and impact. Telecom and Datacenter network administrators are leveraging network analytics to optimize their infrastructure. Using it, administrators are more equipped with deep understandings and meaningful insights to plan capacity and dimension their complex networks. Network Analytics reveals crucial information about hidden bottlenecks and other network design issues that can choke traffic and impede productivity. Network analytics from the cloud can help organizations track performance and make more accurate capacity planning decisions for commissioning and decommissioning of cloud resources based on dynamic usage requirements. With the emergence of IoT and similar technologies, there is an urgent need to include network analytics for organizations to stay ahead of their competition.

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