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Smart Wallet by Arista Vault with MeitY’s Electropreneur Park

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We all have sometimes at a certain point experienced losing our wallet or mobile phone and felt the pain of running low on battery at a time we needed the most. Now imagine, if you could Track your wallet or mobile at the same time? Or your mobile or wallet notifies you if you leave them somewhere or god forbid gets snatched? Don’t you think this can make your life a little easy and safe? Imagine if you can charge your phone with your wallet and ring your wallet to find it, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Arista Vault’s Wallet-Bot is a next-generation smart wallet that connects to your smartphone, to save you from losing your wallet and your phone. The Wallet Bot integrates anti-lost, anti-theft, power bank, Bluetooth connectivity, worldwide tracking with a global design so that while you are on the go, your money is safe.

The brand Arista Vault is focused to combine power and peace: An inbuilt hi-tech chip as a response to the rising risks of loss and thefts of wallet & mobile and personal belonging and difficulties of our high-end lifestyles. To give you peace. 3000 mhz battery back-up which is rechargeable to power-up your phone. The wallet has features like find your wallet button, pickpocketing alarm, lost alarm, mobile phone safety smart connectivity & alarm to keep your mobile safe with GPS lost location detector. Also, there is an Anti RFID layer to protect E-theft of Credit and Debit cards and IDs.

According to reports, Delhi Metro the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India recorded 11000 cases of mobile and wallet theft during the past 1 year. There have been a rising number of e-theft cases wherein the details of your debit/credit card were taken away without even a touch of the hand. In 2019, 66 mobile phones were stolen every day in Mumbai local trains, Government Railway Police data revealed.  In the last decade (from April 2009 to September 2019), Rs 615.39 crore was lost in over 1.17 lakh cases of credit and debit card frauds, according to data from India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). However, since the RBI did not record cybercrimes amounting to less than Rs 1 lakh between April 2009 and April 2017, the loss could, therefore, be higher.

Developed by the committed team of Retd. Colonel K. K. Singh, Designer Purvi Roy & Finance Professional Atul Gupta, Wallet Bot is much more than an elegant, lightweight fashion wallet for men & women. It is a revolutionary high-tech intelligent product that can additionally let you take ‘selfies,’ with your wallet and can even record voice.

Purvi Roy, Co-founder and CEO says, “Today safety and security is the primary concern. We Arista Vault promote the idea of a safer society that is why we brought it in a handy manner through a wallet first. So, that every individual feels secure of wallet and phone. Also, we tried to keep the design fit for everyone from young tech lovers to business-men or travellers, as it’s just not a Wallet it’s a Wallet-Bot. And cool gadget to have”.

“Safety and security of Wealth and Data are what we are launching in our first series of products that is ‘Vault’ series. We have other major aspects (series) to innovate our product line which is in the process to make human life easy”, says Col. K.K. Singh. Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Atul Gupta, Co-founder and Finance Head adds, “Our first launch in India was through Amazon Exclusive Launch. We will soon launch it in USA & Dubai. Though the product is right now available online on Amazon and Arista Vault website, you will soon find them at electronic stores like Reliance Digital, Chroma, Vijay Sales, and Lotus stores this year”.

According to US-based market research firm Credence Research, the smart-wallet market is set to touch $526.8 million by 2025, with a  compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1 percent during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. The market was valued at $194.7million in 2016.

Sanjeev Chopra, CEO, Electropreneur Park, “Arista Vault in collaboration with Electropreneur Park is set to revolutionize a new era for Safe, Secure & Power packed world. Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) has partnered with India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) to set up an ‘Electropreneur Park’, and that’s how now Govt. of India will support Arista Vault in electronics product designing and development with its World-class lab facility”.

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