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Unleashing Smart Sales Process with SalesGo: Node Technologies

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As a corporate strategy many organizations believe in the fact that sales process matters a lot for their growth. But most of the organizations struggle in ensuring a flawless sales process which can help the organization to experience a smooth growth.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Node Technologies India (Node) is committed towards Salesforce enablement. In an exclusive interaction with SMEStreet, Mr Tito Vatapilly- CEO & Co-Founder of Node Technologies shared some kjey insights about customer relations as a subject, CRM as a technology and Node technologies as a vision for Indian market.

Edited excerpts:


How  Customer relevance is becoming an important area of business in the Indian market? How does technologies like CRM are evolving in this space?


A leading market research firm, Gartner have stated that around 12% to 15% of growth rate will come in India. But thanks to the mobile internet wave we expect the growth to be much more. According to another market study conducted by Cisco, the mobile internet user base is expected to touch around 528 million by 2018. This means practically any sales representative in the country will have internet enabled mobile.


What is you key focus from Indian market?


While looking at the markets’ facts, our focus is to stay India focused backed by our customer success model of delivery.  We are committed to help brands retain a healthy relations with their customers. We are also committed to keep on innovating in terms of technology and processes and deliver best possible results in the area of customer relations.

What is Customer Success model? Is it Node Technologies’ way of handling customer relations?

The Customer Success model is a unique delivery model based on hosted model bringing the best of SaaS and managed services. Under this model, Node takes shared responsibility with its clients to ensure that its product delivers to the intended objective and shows tangible results from day one. Our current clients are testimony to this model and find this combination unique and powerful. Each one of them has seen a direct business impact in the first month itself in terms of sales conversion improvement. Ours is a measured and steady approach.

Sales teams are expected to use conventional CRM systems to manage sales and most often end up being barely adopted by end users.

No product company has approached delivery in this method. It’s definitely a more involved, committed model that will deliver results in the long run.


The key differentiation includes


  • All platform support on mobiles including basic colour phones as well
  • A performance management layer on sales force management
  • buy-in from some of the best sales organisations in india at an early stage that have helped us shape the product better
  • An India focus – an under rated aspect about any technology especially is the user behaviour. We take it very seriously and thus believe we’re best modelled to serve the user in the Indian enterprise market.


Please highlight some key qualities of your flagship product offering — SalesGo ?


In today’s business environment, information access and information delivery matters a lot. Most often the top management finds itself challenged to ensure that visits by their sales teams are directed to the correct accounts in terms of their business potential. Most sales people end up planning their visits not on client potential but based on their own convenience or their personal rapport with clients.


For the first time a mobile phone will guide a Key Account Manager or a Channel Manager to the right client or the right distributor she needs to meet. Any delays in such visits will be highlighted for the her to make the visits on time. The bottom-line of SalesGoTM Visits is that Visit frequencies match client business potential, so low potential clients are not visited more than necessary and vice versa.


Where would you like to visualize Node technologies in next few years?

Node is focussed on India alone as geography and believes that India alone has the potential to make it one of the top 10 sales enablement product companies in the world.

Our aim is to be the No 1 sales CRM in the country and spreading our reach into different verticals with both LE and SME clients. Our strategy has always been centred around building a great product experience


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