Siemens Xcelerator Streamlines Production for AMAZEMET's Metal Additive Manufacturing

At the core of AMAZEMET’s product range result is rePowder, an ultrasonic atomizer that can be used to produce metal powder from any alloy in any feedstock form, even in small quantities for research purposes.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software announced today that AMAZEMET has adopted solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to help build its closed-loop production chain for metal additive manufacturing materials and supporting post-processing equipment.

AMAZEMET is focused on the commercialization of ultrasonic atomization to provide laboratory-scale units for the in-house manufacturing of powders with a tailored chemical composition that is suitable for various applications including additive manufacturing. Its team is aiming to broaden the scientific possibilities in materials development and metal additive manufacturing - and its engineering team rely on Siemens Xcelerator to help bring its products to market.


“In four years, we scaled from a small startup to a 60-people international company, collaborating with leading scientific and tech groups in development, prototyping and especially in metal additive manufacturing. With our team expanding, centralizing data became crucial to prevent costly errors like sending incorrect designs for production. That’s why we went digital with Siemens Xcelerator to streamline our growing data from designing and producing our technologies,” said Łukasz Żrodowski, CEO, AMAZEMET. 

At the core of AMAZEMET’s product range result is rePowder, an ultrasonic atomizer that can be used to produce metal powder from any alloy in any feedstock form, even in small quantities for research purposes. In addition to the fundamental material processing technology, AMAZEMET has also developed post-processing solutions including inFurner - an affordable high-vacuum laboratory furnace for heat treatment processes. To accomplish this, the AMAZEMET team has adopted Siemens’ NX™ software for product engineering and Teamcenter® X software for cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management and collaboration.

Siemens Xcelerator Benefits

“The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio enhances our efficiency, providing a single platform for managing documentation, product development, and manufacturing processes. Its scalability supports our continuous growth, streamlining documentation management, accelerating design and removing obstacles to expansion. Siemens’ NX significantly reduces our product development time, offering stability and reliability even with the complex assemblies found in our rePowder device, preventing data losses and system crashes. Siemens’ Teamcenter X provides a cloud-based, harmonized data structure ensuring all files and service documentation are accessible anywhere at any time.”

“Additive manufacturing is going through huge growth, but it is also ripe for disruption. Additive offers flexibility of scale and freedom of geometry that enable engineers and designers to create parts that are optimized, lightweight and could not have been conceived of before – but it faces challenges of accessibility before it can truly achieve its promise,” said Mariusz Zabielski, vice president, Country Manager Poland and Czech Republic, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “It’s great to see a Polish company bringing new technologies to market and enhancing Poland’s position as a crucible of true innovation in the additive manufacturing space. AMAZEMET are another perfect example of how innovators and pioneers across a wide range of industries are adopting the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to digitally transform and scale their businesses and fulfil the promise of widespread metal additive manufacturing adoption.”

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AMAZEMET is a spin-off company of the Warsaw University of Technology. The company focuses on metal additive manufacturing, particularly in the areas of new materials, R&D, and industrialization. AMAZEMET maintains a strong connection with academic researchers by participating in collaborative research activities focused on developing new materials for additive manufacturing and partnering with universities and companies around the world.

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