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NCSC Urged for Cybersecurity Audit To Be Done to Preclude Foreign Mobile Apps

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National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen Rajesh Pant asked companies to get their cybersecurity audit done as the country looks to cut dependency on foreign apps and software.

He also said that companies during the audit should focus on their human resources as human beings are the weakest link in cybersecurity.”All companies are expected to have a cyber audit done. The audit is done by an empanelled auditor and we have many auditors empanelled in India as on today. A lot of companies focus on minimum audits but more needs to be done. I urge all enterprises to get their cyber audits done, it’s for your own good,” Pant said at a cybersecurity webinar organised by FICCI. He said Indian entrepreneurs should work to reduce the dependency of foreign softwares. “Our focus area today is on Atmanirbhar Bharat, anything indigenous is a priority for us. We are promoting indigenisation and all those who have capabilities for substitutes should come forward,” Pant said. There have been several reports of cyber fraud and data leaks of Indian users during the lockdown.

Several cybercriminals posted fake links to dupe people who were willing to contribute to PM-Cares fund.

“The human being is the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain so whatever you do, human beings become very important. Training, good cyber hygiene and good social engineering practices are essential,” Pant said.

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