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Knowing Best Way to Ease the Data Recovery Process

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In today’s time, the importance of data has become very crucial. Every business, every professional every individual depends on data around him.

The power of data is growing exponentially and fastly the was data itself is growing in terms of the size. Every second, every action of ours is generating data. More time we spent with our loved device our dependency on that device becomes higher.

While we might have understood this universal fact, a lot of us still don’t understand the proper handling of the data which gets generated by us and which becomes important for our daily lives.

But most important, what needs to be done in case we experience any digital mishap and lose our data. To recover the data, we must keep the following points in mind:

Understanding Data: Why is Data so important

Frankly speaking, data is everywhere and is everything. From phone address book to email address book to emails to photographs and so many other stuff falls under the category of data. In addition to this, there are several documents which we normally want to keep as scanned copies or wants save as pdf documents are various sorts of data.

The criticality of data depends upon the user perspective. If the data is in the form of business emails, or business invoices then it becomes business-critical and if the data is in the form of photographs or videos with family members, it becomes highly important digital asset from an emotional standpoint.

There are other reasons which make data -must keep an entity from the compliance standpoint, data such as health reports, govt related identity cards, bill receipts and emails fall under this category.

Reasons could be many but the fact remains universal that keeping the data safe and within our control is critical.

How does Data Loss happen?

The topic of data loss is fairly long. There are many reasons why data losses happen and we will take up every aspect of this in later parts of this blog series. In this blog, we will talk about the most common reason for data loss.

So, in this regard, there are several market studies have been done and found that self-ignorance remained as the top reason for data loss. The self-ignorance can be the reason for dropping the phone device from hand and breaking it into multiple pieces. This will make your device non-functional causing a loss of data which the device is carrying. Secondly, self-ignorance can also compel you to push mobile reset button causing wiping out of entire device data which will be a case of data loss. Thirdly there are cases when elderly phone users or computer users often install non-reliable- unsecured apps and running them without any proper monitoring, they may also harm a computer or mobile phone security and data loss may also happen.

We may be the experts in handling our mobile devices and computers. But we cannot expect the same user behaviour from our mother in law or our six-year-old kid who can be users of our own devices at any time.

What is Data Recovery

EaseUS data recovery software screenshot I know, this is ironical to discuss, but we all must have experienced this situation at least once in our digital lives when we crashed our phone or computer and got super tensed. I am also sure that the reason for such tension is more for the data that which goes on stake. Whenever the data is lost due to any reason, the entire tension is for the point weather and how we may get it recovered.

The process of data recovery is normally the first line of action after any device getting lost or broken. This was found in a SMEStreet Study conducted in 2019 on the topic of Digital Landscape of Small Businesses.

Although the study was conducted among working professionals of Small Businesses segment this statement is normally true at every level.

Another step can make the data recovery process so ease if we take backup.

That’s why every sensible digital user suggests us to keep the backup of our machines active to remain safe from any incident of data loss.

Well, if the data backup is not done the way it should be then we have to check out serious and efficient tools which may help us in recovering our data.

EaseUS data recovery software
EaseUS data recovery software

Among such tools, EaseUS is one of the most appealing free data recovery software which has created it’s a great responsible name in this market since last 15 years and by serving 72 Million users world over. This could be an easy way of recovering data. But it is advised to ensure basic data management applications or tools which can provide essential preparedness for efficient data recovery. As a recommended example we would like to recommend data management windows 10 as a useful resource in this area for Windows users.

Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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