Salesforce Unveils Unified Platform for Indian Lenders

Digital Lending for India provides a unified platform for intake, underwriter review, and pre-disbursement operations for applications for home, auto, and personal loans.

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Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson and CEO, Salesforce India 
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Salesforce, the #1 CRM, today announced the upcoming availability of Digital Lending for India that will provide banks and lenders with a platform to digitally approach consumer lending, while potentially reduce the cost and burden to maintain disconnected, outdated platforms. Digital Lending for India will exclusively serve customers within the country.

The platform may be integrated with banking and financial data with customer data from Salesforce. Built on Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud platform, this integration provides a single view of the customer information for loan application processing and helps lead to faster processing and approvals.

Digital Lending for India provides a unified platform for intake, underwriter review, and pre-disbursement operations for applications for home, auto, and personal loans. Salesforce’s preconfigured and configurable solutions to ensure faster time-to-value and reduction in loan processing time.

Product Features:

  • Application Intake - offers prebuilt journeys, ensuring a more streamlined  intake experience across multiple touchpoints, including branch, and mobile channels. This empowers banking relationship managers and agents to efficiently originate loans, from collecting applicant details to authenticating applicants and capturing comprehensive information such as address, employment, income, and documents. Application intake is powered by the Discovery Framework, which tracks responses entered as part of the assessment questions.
  • Underwriter Console -  provides a consolidated  view  of essential data for credit review. Through a unified configurable interface, it grants underwriters access to applicant information, chosen loan products, documents, approvals, verifications, terms, and fees. Underwriters can save time, minimize manual errors, and enhance risk assessment for borrower creditworthiness. This may result in enabling a greater volume of applications to be processed efficiently.
  • India-Specific Integrations - includes pre-built integrations that may be configured for Aadhaar authentication, identity verification, Video Know Your Customer (KYC), risk screening, and employment verification, empowering credit processing assistants and agents to help meet their KYC compliance and streamline onboarding processes with speed and scale. Additionally, simplified configuration for bank account and IFSC verification aids operations officers in capturing loan repayment details.
  • Pre-disbursement Operations - The prebuilt disbursement operations is a configurable feature that includes forms for collecting applicant bank account details, mode of repayment (e-mandate/e-NACH/cheque), repayment frequency, and monthly amount. It also offers integration templates for verifying bank account and IFSC details. The workflow encompasses closing the opportunity associated, creating a financial asset for a secured loan, and a placeholder for a callout to the core banking system.
  • Partner Ecosystem - Salesforce’s Digital Lending for India is pioneering innovation with a partner ecosystem that provides purpose-built solutions for highly specialized segments in lending.

Salesforce Executive Quote

Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO & Chairperson, Salesforce India, said, “Given the potential of technology in driving change, our new product "Digital Lending for India"  can offer multiple benefits. India, with its rich scientific heritage, and diversity, with strong aspirations for a technology-driven economy, finds itself at a juncture, facing both challenges and opportunities in this global technological race. I am truly excited to be launching this product, a first, where we’re solving for the unique complexities in India and made for Indian businesses. As we grow our presence in the region, we are confident that Salesforce will be at the forefront of driving innovation at scale for businesses across sectors in India.”

Customer Quotes

Approved customer quote.

Rajendra Bisht VP - Technology and Digital, Bajaj Finance Limited Auto Finance, said,  "Over the last few years, India's FinTech sector has witnessed a remarkable evolution with digital lending emerging as a frontrunner in this transformation wave.  With a strong digital focused approach, digital lending is reaching the hinterlands of Bharat,  reshaping how borrowers access funds, making lending more convenient, efficient, and accessible than ever before. As we look to explore the next phase of digital lending in India, the potential of technology to transform this sector is immense and innovation from companies like Salesforce will provide a strong impetus for digital lending in the country."

Sachinder Bhinder, MD & CEO, Aavas Financiers, said, “Aavas' mission and vision is to enrich the lives of low- and middle-income individuals in unserved and underserved markets by helping them realize their dreams of owning a home. Technology breaks down geographic and economic barriers, enabling us to bring financial services directly to these communities via mobile and online platforms. Our partnership with Salesforce has empowered us to create seamless customer journeys across both online and assisted channels, underscoring our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring customer delight. At Aavas, we are dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable financial future for India, bringing us closer to the vision of financial empowerment for all."

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