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Safety Tech Startup DROR Raises Funds from IP Ventures

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Tech-based startup DROR has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from IP Ventures. Conceptualized in 2018, the technology-driven platform aims to ensure safety of citizens and tourists coming to India, especially women, children & senior citizens in urban areas by connecting citizens and building a trustworthy and reliable community.

The co-founders of DROR, Dhiraj Nauhbar and Dheeraj Bansal, were moved by stories about violence against women in India and believed that leveraging technology can change the safety market scenario. Dhiraj Nauhbar is a marketing &strategy expert who was recognized amongst the top 100 most influential marketing professionals in India by World Marketing Congress in 2015. He said, “Coming from e-commerce and digital background, I firmly believe community and technology have the power to solve this big problem of personal safety in India. Personal safety cannot be solved by providing need-based solution, it’s a habit which needs to be build using technology and engagement is the way forward.” Dheeraj Bansal, an IIT Bombay Alumnus and a recognized growth hacker claims that the App can disrupt and aggregate the safety market by enabling people to be able to see how far help is by pressing SOS.

Safety tech is an evolving space with DROR affirming to provide a comprehensive solution to fill the gap in India. Its team of advisors includes experienced professionals from Defense forces Commander Rahul Bose & Commander Pallav Prakashex-Indian Navy, Dr. Madhumita Pandey Criminology and Victimology Academician, Vivek Nauhbar, ex-BCG, Ashok Negi brand & consumer strategy expert & Neelam Kumari social activist for women rights.

Gopi Latpate, an IP Ventures angel investor said, “This concept has a wide-spread impact on society in terms of how we seek help in case of a troubled situation. DROR addresses one of the core issues related to women’s safety with a sense of community; it differentiates itself beyond traditional alarms and alerts by creating a network of people that can help in distress. The adoption of this technology will definitely improve the situation around women’s safety.”

DROR has initially launched the product via the B2B space and has successfully helped 700+ families who are using the App since the pilot stage.With the newly raised funds, the startup is planning to strengthen its tech platform and invest in user acquisition.

When asked about his experience with IP Ventures, Gopi Latpate said, “IPV is a novel business model that provides a great platform for angel investors who come from diverse backgrounds and ranks which helps a lot during the due diligence process. IPV is thorough in their evaluation of the startups and quick to respond to investor’s concerns or questions.”

IP Ventures was founded in 2017 by a group of accomplished CXOs who come with rich experience in the startup ecosystem, either as co-founders themselves or by leading their organizations through various stages of funding. Their expertise lies not only in financial
aspects such as private equity and venture capital but also in business strategy, expansion and risk mitigation.

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