Redefining Rental Ecosystem With Tech: MultiLiving Homes

Tech-assisted rental solutions for prospective tenants are featured on this platform. Receives 500+ sign-ups from homeowners during the lockdown period. Redefining rental ecosystem from discovery to living with curated apartments, virtual walkthroughs, and personalized services

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Jun 02, 2020 15:22 IST

Amidst the pandemic-induced economic slowdown, when even the best-established businesses are struggling to survive, India's first 360-degree rental ecosystem, Multiiving Homes has launched a state-of-the-art online platform to empower potential tenants with tech-assisted rental solutions. Remarkably, within a week of going live, the company completed 125 deals. This positive development is the highest given the sluggish economic conditions and the closures of the residential rental market in this period.

Moreover, MultiLiving has received sign-ups from over 500 owners during the lockdown, willing to onboard and encash the brilliant opportunity. It is noteworthy that this has given the company the lion’s share in Mumbai’s residential real estate market. The key factor that steered the wheel in its favour is the business model that bridges the gap in the Indian housing rental landscape. The startup is focusing on transforming all aspects of the rental ecosystem from discovery to living with curated apartments, virtual walkthroughs, and personalized services

MultiLiving Homes is fast gaining popularity amongst tenants and homeowners in Mumbai’s choicest locations. The platform leverages sophisticated technology to provide ultra-modern, all-inclusive, and hassle-free rental solutions, thereby, enabling the company to significantly impact the presently dull real estate market.

Pankaj Singh Pankaj Singh of MultiLiving

Speaking on the development, Pankaj Singh, CEO & Founder, MultiLiving said, “To date, the Indian residential rental market has been devoid of efficient and holistic solutions that could cater to both tenants and homeowners. Our comprehensive, contemporary, and branded offerings have been mindfully engineered to benefit all stakeholders addressing their need for a simplified process. We also give a strong emphasis on automated maintenance indicators as value addition, which were missing in earlier models.”

“Our tech-powered smart rental solution has been designed to suit the urban working professionals. It helps them attain work-life balance while enjoying the touch-of-a-button experience along with our proprietary pricing tool which will help in price discovery ensuring win-win for both the tenants and homeowners especially in this situation. So far, the response has been positive given the current market conditions. However, we are hopeful that the idea will gain even more traction once the lockdown eases as more people are expected to opt for rental apartments than investing heavily on houses under uncertain economic conditions. ” Pankaj added.

MultiLiving Homes is India's first 360-degree rental ecosystem which disrupts the existing rental market by moving the complete rental journey online. While its AI-bots help customers zero-in the right home based on their location and lifestyle preferences, the online sales concierge assists in providing virtual walkthroughs and safe and sanitized walk-ins to allow tenants experience their new homes. All of its apartments and homes come with personal concierge to take care of the daily chores, which significantly reduces the time spent managing redundant household tasks. The Resi-rental company offers curated apartments in cherry-picked sites across Mumbai at multiple price points while democratizing the residential rental market.

MultiLiving is a unique platform-based business that leverages Technology, Services and Brand to unlock enhanced rental value in the extremely large residential real estate asset class by creating a rental housing ecosystem through technology, enriching the lives of both tenants & owners in their respective value chains.

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