Pluralytics Brings Generative AI Solution to Microsoft Users

Consider an obvious problem of how a company with thousands of employees can ensure their external communications are consistent with the company’s brand values and target audiences.

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Alisa Miller, CEO of Pluralytics

Pluralytics, a patented generative AI writing solution used by enterprises, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and others to write language that resonates with audience values, today announced its Microsoft Add-In that empowers Microsoft Word users to predict how well their content will engage audiences and how to analyze and write content that deepens audience engagement. 

“Consider an obvious problem of how a company with thousands of employees can ensure their external communications are consistent with the company’s brand values and target audiences. When language is off-target or off-brand because writers or LLMs alone can’t predict audience connection, it’s left to chance which can quickly erode brand equity and customer lifetime value,” said Alisa Miller, CEO of Pluralytics. “With our Microsoft Add-In, writers everywhere will have our enterprise generative AI features available at their fingertips to get instant value from our advanced language science, securely applied to their content."

Professionals at Fortune 100 enterprises are getting results with Pluralytics. Marketers, human resource managers, and other knowledge workers rely on Pluralytics to reduce the guesswork in choosing the best messaging to appeal to different audiences. With GenAI capable of writing vast amounts of content, Pluralytics saves time by helping communicators know what is likely to align with their brand and target audiences. With Pluralytics, organizations scale content success, reduce content waste, and mitigate the risks of off-brand content and other issues often present in LLM writing.

“We are dedicated to meeting our growing user base of marketers and communicators where they spend most of their time — writing — to put the power of Pluralytics’ precision within easy reach,” said Co-founder and COO Rick Byrne. “We created a seamless user experience that gives writers the ability to supercharge their word choices for the strongest connection with their intended audiences and help them deliver messaging in the words and phrases preferred by their intended audiences. Very simply, we help writers work faster, edit smarter and know specifically how to drive results. With this Add-In, our technology becomes accessible to hundreds of millions of Microsoft 365 users.”

Pluralytics’ Microsoft Add-In enables writers to highlight text in a document and:

  • Choose an intended audience desired by the writer
  • Choose tones of voice that match the writer’s intentions
  • Analyze the text for language affinity with the target audience
  • Calculate a score for how closely the text aligns with benchmarks
  • Rewrite the text to improve language affinity with the target audience

Current Pluralytics customers who use its ValuesFinder™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform can create and select custom benchmarks — based on target audience characteristics - to score, edit, and even rewrite their content for best alignment to desired benchmarks. Pluralytics users see up to a 30% increase in language affinity with target audiences. For marketing customers, this has moved the needle toward deeper engagement at every messaging touchpoint in a customer journey.

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