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PDP Bill Clearance Marks Landmark Moment in India’s Tech Journey

On the introduction of India's Data Protection Bill, Sunil Chandna, Founder & CEO, Stellar Data Recovery Said

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The passing of the much awaited, Personal Data Protection Bill is a landmark moment in India’s tech journey. The world’s eyes are on us. Everyone wants to feed our growing digital appetite but we didn’t have a basic framework in place to protect our people’s data. After myriad consultations, the bill was finally passed in Lok Sabha. While there may be agreements/ disagreements on several aspects of the bill, we needed to get it off the ground.

Therefore we welcome the passing of the bill. It does the job of putting together a starting framework to govern and protect data. However, it is important to note this is still the first step. Implementation, compliance and adoption across sectors are key.

Like every transformative policy, challenges will emerge as companies try to transform their existing IT infrastructure to adhere to the new law in progress. We’ve noticed that while BFSI, the E-commerce industry, has been preparing in advance, other industries may have a lot to catch-up, by the time the bill becomes a law.

Post-pandemic tackling inflation, we need to ensure business isn’t impacted by the additional investments needed to support this transition. Particularly MSMEs which may have limited budget and technology awareness. Further, it is the tech industry’s responsibility that we simplify, and decode this bill for our customers. Make the transition as smooth as possible rather than merely look at it as an opportunity to endorse our services!”

Sunil Chandna, Co-Founder and CEO, Stellar Data Recovery is a data leader with a career spanning over 25  years in diverse roles. Sunil has been steering the company up the growth ladder since 1993. With a vision  to create a new age, data recovery solution provider from India, Sunil has shaped Stellar into a globally  renowned data recovery solutions provider.

He is responsible for defining and delivering the business strategy and providing overall leadership for  Stellar’s operations in India and abroad. Starting from a small 4 member team in New Delhi, he has scaled  Stellar to a 400+ strong team that serves customers globally.

Infused with enthusiasm, Sunil laid down the foundation of Stellar with two of his tech savvy friends Manoj  Dhingra, and Kuljeet Singh. He is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and business  transformation to drive competitiveness and customer value. He is also credited for pioneering the concept  of ‘data recovery’ in India including new age software techniques.

In his current role Sunil is responsible for defining and delivering the business strategy and extending  Stellar’s global leadership in ‘data care’ solutions, as the company focuses on its mission to provide the  world’s simplest DIY data recovery and erasure solutions.

A Computer Science Engineering graduate from Pune University, Sunil drives the company’s strategic  agenda to provide best-in-class data care solutions, with continued commitment to innovate best data services  and solutions for consumers and businesses. He has driven the transformation and revitalization of Stellar’s  portfolio to become a focused data care leader globally through targeted associations, expansions & organic  business development.

Sunil has been a part of several influential forums and events that aim at driving cyber security awareness  and safeguarding data privacy. He has been featured by top global media organisations during critical cyber attacks and for changing the landscape in the IT sector.

Sunil leverages his global perspective to regularly share industry insights related to data privacy and data  protection. Sunil lives in Gurugram with his family. His interests include new age technology, reading and  travelling. A philanthropist at heart, he supports NGO ‘Age Care Foundation’ that cares for disadvantaged  elderly senior citizens in India and also NGO ‘Family Vision’ for enabling rag pickers in slums to go to  school.

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