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PayU Innovates Merchant Service Platform

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PayU, India’s leading online payment solutions provider, introduces a unique merchant service platform, PayU Assist, to provide automated customer service experience to its ever-growing merchant base. Backed by advanced technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the PayU Assist empowers merchants with an effective self-service platform thereby transforming the entire merchant experience at PayU.

Customer service for payment service providers usually entails email-based communication, resulting in delayed query resolution. Such manual processes consequently increase the dependence of businesses on internal teams, adding more pressure on them to solve basic queries, and prolong query resolution leaving most merchants dissatisfied. Further, the small and medium businesses need prompt and specialised assistance in order to ensure smooth digital payments experience.


PayU Assist, an innovative tech-based solution accelerates the resolution of issues and improves merchant experience basis which internal teams can take actions based on insights and predictions, increasing their efficiency by (approx.) 40%. For minor requests, PayU Assist offers the ability to self-discover the right solution which delivers instant gratification and results in a positive interaction, further enhancing merchant satisfaction.


PayU has unified the capabilities of FAQs, chatbot and query management to design a single service engine serving merchants seamlessly. The platform enables PayU to predict the key problems merchants can face, offer an instant resolution thereby reducing the turnaround time. Additionally, the PayU Buddy chatbot uses AI to incorporate intelligence to solve common merchant challenges instantly, 24×7. The empathy quotient of PayU Assist directly links merchants to the concerned service advisor, omitting multiple levels of handling, catalysing query resolution and enhancing the quality of overall merchant experience.


“Providing a fast and seamless digital payment experience to our merchants is at the top of our priority list at PayU. We understand the importance of having one platform for consistent experience and merchant convenience. Therefore, we created ‘PayU Assist’ – a platform that provides faster resolution with real-time query tracking, enhancing the overall merchant service experience. We will continue to innovate further in order to cater to evolving merchant needs, ensuring an exclusive and customized self-service solution, offering best in the industry experience to our merchants,” said Ravindra Govindani, Director, Product Management, PayU India

Speaking on their experience with PayU Assist, Ramya Binoy, Green Tech India Solutions and Services said, “Our experience of using the PayU Assist panel was very positive. We found it extremely useful primarily because it gave us the flexibility to track query status and also receive timely updates. More than half of my queries were resolved through the chatbot thereby reducing the overall turn-around time. It is services like these that differentiate PayU from the industry.”

PayU Assist takes several measures to strengthen the capabilities of the company to provide an improved merchant service experience. Beyond servicing its own merchants, this platform also addresses queries of potential businesses seeking payment services.

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