Oracle Unveils Smart Operations for Supply Chain Efficiency

Oracle Smart Operations offers connected, intelligent, and automated capabilities that enable Oracle Cloud Manufacturing and Oracle Cloud Maintenance customers to improve efficiency

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chris leone, executive vice president of applications development, oracle

Chris Leone, Executive Vice President of Applications Development, Oracle

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To help organizations increase the efficiency of global supply chain operations, Oracle today announced Oracle Smart Operations, new supply chain execution capabilities in Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM). Powered by advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the new capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Manufacturing and Oracle Fusion Cloud Maintenance can help customers improve factory output by increasing productivity, enhancing quality, reducing unplanned downtime, and improving visibility across operations.

With on-going labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, ever-fluctuating demand, and volatile market needs, organizations are under pressure to do more with less. To remain competitive, manufacturing and asset-intensive organizations need smart and agile processes that increase the efficiency of factories, reduce the risk of unplanned downtime, and expand visibility across operations. Oracle Smart Operations offers connected, intelligent, and automated capabilities that enable Oracle Cloud Manufacturing and Oracle Cloud Maintenance customers to improve efficiency and make better business decisions with agile execution.

“As organizations look to insulate their operations from ongoing disruptions, many leaders are turning to technology to increase output, improve quality, and build resiliency,” said Chris Leone, executive vice president of applications development, Oracle. “With Oracle Cloud SCM, organizations can connect and automate end-to-end supply chain processes and move toward a lights out manufacturing model. The new smart manufacturing and maintenance capabilities can help our customers reduce inefficient manual recording and monitoring processes, increase safety, improve quality, and optimize operations.”

Smart Operations for Manufacturing

The new capabilities within Oracle Cloud Manufacturing enable customers to combine data from connected equipment, the workforce, and supply chain processes to deliver real-time recommendations, autonomously adjust production, and execute on high-value manufacturing decisions. New capabilities include:

  • Operator Workbench: Provides customers with a single user interface to capture and access information and insights as they complete day-to-day operations, such as operation start/stop, time tracking, materials and tools required, and production exception reporting. With a simple and user-friendly environment and automated data capture, machine operators have clear visibility into their daily tasks, and assembly workers gain more autonomy to execute orders and quickly track and record production.
  • Digital Work Instructions: Help customers simplify complex assembly operations, including manual and automated assemblies, and enforce procedures to improve quality and consistency. With simple, intuitive work instructions, machine operators and assembly workers can improve productivity, quality, and safety, while addressing compliance.

Smart Operations for Maintenance

The new capability within Oracle Cloud Maintenance enables customers to combine maintenance data with real-time asset information, workforce, and supply chain data to enable continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance. The new capability includes:

  • Maintenance Technician Workbench: Helps maintenance technicians to quickly and easily access relevant work based on assignment or skill, while also providing insights into service history and supporting seamless collaboration with other workers. With a single mobile user interface for all technician work execution, customers can make faster maintenance decisions that increase productivity, reduce downtime, ensure more frequent first-time fixes, optimize backup inventory, and enhance asset reliability.

“Being a premium player in the automotive aftermarket industry places a critical focus on our manufacturing and maintenance operations. Our customers expect a consistently high-quality product and an on-time delivery, which is increasingly challenging with the continuous supply chain disruptions around the world,” said Stefano Mariani, head of IT, Alcar Ruote. “With these new capabilities in Oracle Cloud Manufacturing and Oracle Cloud Maintenance, our production operators will be better able to work with speed and accuracy, while capturing all of the key data associated with that work. This will help us improve the quality of our products, reduce costs, and increase the output of our operations.”

Oracle Cloud SCM helps organizations seamlessly connect supply chain processes and quickly respond to changing demand, supply, and market conditions. With new features added every quarter, Oracle Cloud SCM helps customers create a resilient supply network and processes that can outpace change.

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