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Interesting Carrom Game Variations

Online carrom games have completely changed the way we play traditional carrom games. An online carrom board game download and earn real money

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CarromCarrom is a game which is one of the most loved games across all generations in India. It is a game which is synonymous with Indian festivals and momentous occasions. It is an excellent way to socialise with friends and family as well as a great way to improve your interpersonal skills. Just like Ludo, Carrom too has been a part and parcel of almost every Indian kid growing up and there is a different kind of emotion attached to it. Over the years, the game of carrom has seen quite a lot of changes to the rules and the variations but never has the excitement gone down even a little bit.

Over the last few years, the traditional way of playing carrom has diminished in quite a way. Due to the existence of technology and the internet, games like carrom have completely moved online. Since then, carrom has seen a significant increase in the number of users playing the game. It has become one of the most popular online games in India. Online carrom games have completely changed the way we play traditional carrom games. An online carrom board game download and earn real money.

Here are some interesting variations of the game of carrom 

  • Point Carrom

This version of carrom is quite famous among children and is played in a majority of the countries in East Asia. In the variation, the players can pocket pucks of any colour. The black puck carries 1 point, the white puck also carries 1 point and the queen carries three points. The first player who reaches 21 points wins the game.

  • Family Point Carrom

This is one of the most widely-played variations of the game and is also one of the most popular versions in South Asia. It is the same as Point Carrom with the only difference being the number of points taken after pocketing each puck. A black puck carries five points, a white puck carries 10 points and the queen carries 25 points. The player with the highest score at the end of a match will be declared the winner.

  • Total Point Carrom

This is the variation which most players in India are familiar with since it is one of the most widely played variants of the game in the world. The way this variation is different from the above two is the number of points scored after a puck gets pocketed and that the rounds only get over once a player has all the pucks. The other difference is that the player with the least carrom men has to put his entire share on the board as the other players match his amount of carrom men on the board. Black pucks carry 5 points, white pucks carry 10 points and the queen carries 50 points.

  • Duboo

This variant of carrom is played mostly in Pakistan and in particular, Karachi. The biggest feature of this version is that the board is significantly bigger than the usual carrom board and the players have to slide the striker instead of flicking it with their fingers.

  • Professional Carrom

This is the variant of the game that is played everywhere in the world and is the most popular version across the world. In professional carrom, each player is assigned a colour and the player has to pocket the puck of that colour only. Before the last puck is pocketed, the queen must be pocketed. If a player touches the last piece on the board before the queen then he or she must pay a penalty.

  • Tokyu-Ban

This is one of the latest variations of carrom and was invented in Japan. Carrom came to Japan in the 20th century and became famous as Tokyu-Ban during the Showa period. Tokyu-Ban, in English, implies a fight ball board or a throw ball board. 

Here are some basic rules for playing carrom online

  1. In the first turn, the player is allowed three attempts to break the central ground of coins. It doesn’t matter which coin the striker hits first or if the striker hits no pieces at all.
  2. Whenever a player puts a coin of whatever colour he is designated in the pocket then he shall receive another chance with the striker.
  3. The ultimate winning prize is the queen. If you managed to take the queen then you stand to gain the highest number of points if you win a game. 
  4. If a player pockets someone else’s coin then the points are added to the opponent’s tally. 
  5. If a player manages to put the inside the pocket then he will be levied a fine of one coin; i.e. one coin of his will come onto the board.

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