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How To Play Teen Patti Online A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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If you love playing cards, you will enjoy playing the online Teenpatti game. Read on to learn more about how to play Teenpatti, including its rules and tips for winning. 

This  how to play Teenpatti game guide will help you understand the rules of this game better.

How is Teen Patti Played?

To play the online Teenpatti game, you need 3 to 6 players. A standard 52 cards deck is sufficient for playing the game, and there are no jokers. The winner of the game takes home the entire cash or boot amount collected in the pot.

Before the game starts, all players must decide the minimum stake or boot amount. The pot is placed in the middle of the table. After the boot amount is collected, the next step of the online Teenpatti game is dealing the cards to the players. 

The cards are kept face down so that you don’t know what card you have unless you flip it and check it. You have two options of playing, blind or seen. 

As the name suggests, in the blind format, you don’t see what card you have. In the seen format, you can check your card by flipping it over. You normally get three cards. After the cards are dealt, the dealer says ‘call’ or ‘raise.’ 

What is a call or a raise in Teen Patti? A call means that the player will continue playing without raising the bet. For a raise, the player will increase the stake in the pot. 

Unlike the card game Poker, the bets made in the card game Teen Patti are equal. So if the other players in the game place a bet of 4 coins, you need to do the same. 

The player with the highest hand after completing one round is declared the winner. The cash in the pot keeps growing till the end of the game and is paid out to the winner. 

What Are the Terms Used in Teen Patti? 

Each card in this game has a rank. Your goal should be to get the top 3 cards and let the pot amount go up before the game ends. Aces carry the highest points, and the lowest card value is 2. 

Here are the cards in order of rank: 

Trail or Set

Three cards with the same rank form a trail or a set. The highest cards you can have are three aces. The lowest you can have is three 2’s. 


When three cards are from the same suit but don’t follow a sequence, it’s called colour.


When you have two cards with the same rank, the winner is the one with the highest value. If the value of both cards is the same, a kicker’s card will decide the winner. 

Straight Flush or Pure Sequence

To get a straight flush or pure sequence, three same-unit cards are required. The best cards you can have are A, 2, and 3. The lowest-value cards are 4, 3, and 2. 

Sequence or Run

When you have three consecutive cards from different suits, it’s a sequence.

High Card

Three things need to occur for using a high card: 

  • There are three cards, but there is no sequence
  • These cards don’t belong to the same suit
  • No two cards share the same value

What Rules Are Followed in Teen Patti?

The rules of the online Teenpatti game are simple, and there aren’t many. However, you need to remember them while playing the game. Remember the following rules: 

  • Cards should be dealt with following any of the above sequences, and there needs to be a combination of high and low-rank sequences
  • A dealer should be playing Teen Patti when dealing the cards. 
  • The first bet is placed by the player sitting left of the dealer, and the game moves in a counterclockwise manner
  • You can either choose to play seen or blind. The choice can be made only after all players have paid the stake money
  • The game starts with every player placing the first bet. The dealer then deals three cards per player.

What Are the Variations of Teen Patti? 

You can play the online Teenpatti game in the following alternative ways: 

Bust, Colour, Card

In this online Teenpatti game variation, the dealer deals with three cards like the regular version. Next, three other cards are drawn with their face up. 

The order of the cards is the card, colour, and bust. 

Closet to 555

Three cards are given to each player, and they need a trio number closest to 555. An exact number is not required. 

The trio number for all players is divided by 555, and the one with the least difference wins. 

AK 47

The name of this game makes it very popular. The cards that have aces, kings, and numbers 4 and 7 are all jokers. 

Tricks for Playing Online Teenpatti Game for Beginners

If you are new to playing the online Teenpatti game, here are some tricks that could help you: 

  • When it comes to stakes, agree on what you want to bet on at the beginning of the game
  • Study your opponents to understand their tactics and strategies. This will help improve your chances of winning against them
  • Use the sideshow option when you have some doubts about your cards. You can see the cards of a player right next to you. However, you need to pay 1.5 times the amount that you bet for this option
  • When your cards don’t make you confident, ‘pack the round’ and start afresh
  • If you land up with weaker cards, there is no way out unless you try bluffing. Maybe your opponents believe you and fold. This would improve your winning possibilities. 


If you want to play cards and win big, try the online Teenpatti game. This game has simple rules, and you need just 3 to 6 players. Try the practice games before you start playing seriously. Create a group with friends and family members online to play Teen Patti. Have fun!


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