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How to Play Dragon Tiger Online for Real Money (Guide for Indian Players)

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If you ever wanted to play the game Dragon Tiger for real money, and the rules of the game seemed complicated to you, don’t worry, this is one of the easier games, which as a beginner you can understand very quickly. In this game, you will understand the game mode and rules very easily. The betting options in this game are also simple. In this game, you simply don’t have to worry about rules and strategizing. This is a game that is a favorite among Indian players, so stay tuned, as the below review follows the rules of the game.

What is the main goal of the Dragon Tiger game?

This is a game that is best suited for beginners and casual players, and many consider it a shortened version of baccarat. The best card wins this game and the main goal is to bet on the dragon or the tiger. In this game, there is a third main bet, which is a draw. In addition to the main bets, there are also some additional bets such as even/odd, etc.

Card ranking

In a deck of 52 cards, all cards have ranks. The highest rank is the King, which ranks 13, while the lowest rank is the Ace, which ranks 1. The cards in between are ranked by face value.

What are the basic rules of the game?

The rules of the game are very easy and in the Live Dragon Tiger Guide, you can see that this is an incredibly fast game. Dragon Tiger is played with 6 to 8 standard decks of cards. You place your bets when the time comes. In each round, the dealer draws two cards. The goal of the bet is to predict which card will have a higher score, the dragon or the tiger. You place the bet before the time runs out, that is, before the timer ends. 

When the time is up, the dealer deals face-up cards, one card for the dragon square, and one for the tiger square. The side with the higher rank wins the bet. The game is very simple and it is not necessary to draw additional cards to determine the winner, even the color of the cards does not matter at all for the main win.

Basic bets

If you correctly predict which of the two cards will be higher, you double your bet, while otherwise, you lose the entire bet. The player can get half of his bet back if the result is a tie and the player bet on a dragon or tiger.

Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, you can win a large amount of money in a very short time, and vice versa, which means that the probability is 50:50, that the higher-value cards will be on each side. It’s simple just follow your instinct.

Side bets

There are also side bets in this game, they serve as an optional choice, they are not part of the main rules, which gives the software providers the freedom to make their bets, thus there is a variety of inside bets.

The most common side bets you place on dragon or tiger are:

  • Will the next drawn card be lower or higher than 7;
  • Whether the next card will have an even or odd number;
  • What color will be the next card;

Tips for betting players

  • Before starting the game, be sure to check and make sure that the online casino is licensed and safe to play;
  • Once you have made sure that you have chosen a safe online casino, take a look at the bonuses and promotions that the casino offers. It is important to note that you should check whether the bonuses and promotions offered also apply to the Dragon Tiger game;
  • If you are a beginner, get initial experience by playing for free;
  • Betting on a draw has the least chance of winning, so we advise you to avoid it;
  • Carefully use your resources, adapt to the flow of the game, and stay in it as long as possible;
  •  Stay focused, consistent and always keep in mind how much money you are willing to lose;

Playing Dragon Tiger in an online casino

  •  Online casino playing rules are the same for all online casinos in India
  •  Most online casinos will allow you to play Dragon Tiger for free before registering and depositing money, where you can practice it well and gain confidence in playing it.
  • To play for real money it is necessary to register and make a deposit. You place a bet by choosing which side you think will win. The dealer places one card on each side, and there are two frames at the bottom of the screen.
  • Online casinos have high-quality cameras, with which you can see the dealer from the front, you can’t see his every move, but try to have a view of him on the screen.


We hope we have helped you understand the rules of this popular game, loved by many players. If you are a fan of card games Dragon Tiger is the right game for you. Find a safe licensed online casino, familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, and preferably practice it well by playing for free. Contact customer support in case of additional questions. Play responsibly, adapt to the flow of the game and try to stay in it as long as possible, while always keeping in mind how much money you are willing to lose. We hope you enjoy this exciting game.

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