NetApp Excellerator Demo Day 10 Marks Five Years of Program with 66 Startups

The Demo Day-10 event saw eight startups EduFuse, Streamingo Solutions, LivNSense, AccuKnox, Rxoom, ShardSecure, Kubermatic, and Subcom, represent diverse solutions including green-tech, kubernetes, computer vision, health-tech, and cloud security.

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Ravi Chhabria, NetApp

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global cloud-led, data-centric software company hit a milestone with eight startups graduating from the tenth cohort of its flagship accelerator program – the NetApp Excellerator. The Demo Day-10 event saw eight startups EduFuse, Streamingo SolutionsLivNSenseAccuKnoxRxoomShardSecureKubermatic, and Subcom, represent diverse solutions including green-tech, kubernetes, computer vision, health-tech, and cloud security.

All startups are born in the cloud and bring a unique value to the B2B tech industry. For instance, a startup in the health-tech space, Rxoom, has developed a surgical navigation system that lays new standards for surgeries through increased accuracy, shorter duration, and better outcomes with faster recovery time. Another cohort 10 startup, ShardSecure uses microsharding to shred, mix up and distribute data into multiple cloud locations in a manner that ensures zero data sensitivity. This solution mitigates the risk of cyber-attacks while providing total privacy for cloud-stored or on-prem data.

Of the startups that graduated, LivNSense, EduFuse, and Streamingo Solutions, were mentored as part of the NetApp ExcellerateHER initiative of the NetApp Excellerator program that focuses on mentoring and promoting women-led B2B tech startups. So far, 11 women-led startups have been mentored via NetApp ExcellerateHER.

Speaking to the success of the program, alumni startups have raised over USD 300Mn and six startups have had successful exits in the past five years.

“Looking back at the last five years, it is incredible how the B2B Tech startup ecosystem has come alive through the NetApp Excellerator program. We are very proud of our mentors, our leaders, and our startups that have shared the vision of making huge strides in the technology landscape. Throughout this journey, we have learnt from and given back, and enabled our customers to accelerate their digital transformation with hybrid-cloud data management software,” said Ravi Chhabria, managing director, NetApp India.

Recently, the program was featured as one of the top 5 accelerator programs in India on corporate innovation by NexTT Awards. In addition, 13 of these startups are also engaged in proofs of concept (POCs), with NetApp’s backing in funding and technology, while a few others are under exploration.

Through the course of the program, participating startups are assigned senior technologists as mentors. Participating startups also get access to Spotlight, offered via SPOT by NetApp - an innovative cloud-based automation and cost-optimization solution. With this, startups can enjoy savings of up to 73% on their cloud expenses. The next cohort of this program is now open to applications, with a focus on cloud, internet of things (IoT), big data and analytics, machine learning, virtualization, data security, data management, and storage.

Here are the NetApp Excellerator Program cohort 10 startups at a glance.

Start-up Brief Website
LivNSense A Real-time AI-Vision based platform revolutionizing operations of manufacturing and production industries through standard OT/Electronic systems.
EduFuse With a focus on digitization, process engineering, automation and analytics, the consultancy and software-based service aims to transform the complex ecosystem of higher education. -
Streamingo Solutions Offers digital automation solutions to perform human activity analysis in videos through

AI-powered video insights platform, Fizzstream.
AccuKnox A set of open-source cloud tools for enterprises to understand the behavior of workload and generate security policies to enable run-time security restricting malicious activities. 
Rxoom A surgical navigation system that lays new standards in surgeries through increased accuracy, shorter duration and better outcomes with faster recovery time. -
ShardSecure A platform that enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption by desensitizing sensitive data in multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud and private cloud environments.
Kubermatic Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) is a Kubernetes management platform designed for the needs of enterprise customers.
Subcom A platform that renders highly accurate trust scores for every server, user and endpoint in real-time employing neural fabric and tinyML.
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