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NebulARC Brings Efficiency in Several Large-Scale Logistics Companies

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NebulARC, logistics SaaS platforms successfully enabled numerous organisations in India to orchestrate their supply chains and gain real-time predictive visibility for intelligent decision-making. It has helped businesses in Pharma, Agriculture, Retail, Warehousing, Manufacturing, and the logistics space to save huge costs resulting from inefficiencies and lack of real-time visibility across the entire supply chain.

Removing the visibility black box for B2B shipments, NebulARC has created a one-stop-shop for its customers, catering to their varied needs right from Vendor Assessment and Optimisation, Order Fill Rate Analytics, Inventory Optimisation, Signature and Traceability of high value assets, Freshness and Shelf Life Management for Perishables, Effective Route Planning, to Location Tracking in real-time. 

Commenting on the same, Alok Sharma, CEO & Co-founder, NebulARC stated, “We consider this an achievement to have helped numerous large-scale companies in the last one year in eliminating complexities in their logistics operations and bringing down costs by a significant share. The year 2020 has brought transformational changes for businesses. Organisations have started paying increased attention to managing their logistics effectively in order to survive in a world impacted by COVID-19.

Founded in 2018 by Alok Sharma and Aman Bhatnagar, NebulARC is setting new benchmarks in the logistics SaaS space. The company works with large enterprises helping them automate the entire supply chain management. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Virtual Assistant has proven to be a key enabler for businesses by helping them significantly reduce risks of theft, pilferage and other unwanted events such as temperature excursions by providing intelligent alerts and actionable insights.  

“We are certain to drive operational excellence for many more businesses in time to come with our unique capabilities. In a bid to do so, we will continue to innovate and invest heavily in cutting-edge technologies to help companies stay ahead of the digital curve.”, he further added.

Receiving wide acknowledgment,  NebulARC’s BEO was chosen as the best product in India under the Digital Transformation category at the India Mobile Congress 2019. Besides, NebulARC was also selected by the Government of India as the winner of Animal Husbandry Grand Challenge. The company has also won the LogX Accelerator by DP World & Startup Kerala Mission for POCs & PO, among other initiatives. 

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