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Indium Software Launched e-Commerce Framework for Traditional Retail Traders

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Indium Software, a global digital technology services company, today announces the launch of its e-commerce framework and development to equip traditional retail traders’ scale their businesses across various channels. During the pandemic, it is crucial for these businesses to onboard to an e-commerce platform not only to sustain their core business but to also help them to dynamically scale the business models as the need arises.

The Indian economy ecosystem is standing on the edge of digitalization, supporting the Indian government’s manifesto to digitally transform. Market studies indicate that with transition from traditional system of brick and mortar to the system of clink and links the country’s e-commerce market is expected to expand to USD 84 billion by 2021.

With a huge market opportunity, Indium’s e-commerce framework will provide Indian retailers an opportunity to attract more consumers/organizations and provide better customer experience. The need for quick transition to contactless shopping can be enabled through Indium’s end-to-end, highly flexible, cost efficient and scalable solution. The company also offers AI driven insights for real-time decision making along with optimization of various business assets. This advance AI driven analytics model is offered as a full-stack solution or as a standalone for retailers who have existing ecommerce platforms.

Speaking during the launch, Mr. Ram Sukumar, Co-founder and CEO of Indium Software said, “The disruption in the digital commerce value chains combined with the uncertainties caused by the recent pandemic events, makes it imperative for businesses to onboard to an e-commerce platform not only to sustain their core business but to also help them to dynamically scale the business models as the need arises.”

Ram further adds, “Indium Software’s e-commerce offering provides a right blend of consulting and implementation expertise which empowers businesses to create secure, flexible and scalable e-commerce platform in a quick span of time. With our solution, traditional retailers will be able to switch to the digital platform and also enter India’s growing e-commerce segment.”

Indium’s eCommerce Platform Development & Maintenance will meet the need of B2C and B2B ecommerce businesses with:

  • Website and mobile app development
  • Ecommerce integration with back-office processes, in-store operations, payment processors, logistics, and more
  • Advanced Analytics driving personalized customer experience and marketing
  • Quality Assurance

Indium software’s strong presence in areas like Security and Performance testing ensures that these e-commerce portals are safe, secure and performant. Indium also has a compelling suite of AI driven practices to build disruptive AI based customizations which can value add to customer’s success.

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