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7 Strategies To Improve App Engagement And Stickiness

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Mobile apps are essential for modern-day businesses as they can help reach more customers and improve brand recognition. However, acquiring users is only the beginning; converting a first-time user into a loyal supporter is the ultimate goal. 

Here are eight app engagement strategies to help retain users and increase app downloads.

Create an Effective Onboarding Process

A well-designed and intuitive onboarding process can create a positive first impression while lowering the barriers that prevent users from interacting with the app and taking advantage of its features.

Utilize Text Alerts Strategically

Push notifications can provide useful information, communicate updates, and remain top-of-mind even when the app is not in use. Individualized text notifications can assist in reducing the abandonment rate and create a personalized experience.

Encourage Users to Utilize All Features

By emphasizing the features in the app store description, welcome displays, and the integration sequence, you can entice users to continue using the app and test its key features.

Send Customized In-App Messages

Personalized in-app messages enable you to engage with users when interacting with the app’s content and features, delivering relevant and opportune experiences to boost retention and conversions. As an alternative to an in-app feature, you can also use popular messaging applications such as GBWhatsApp to send targeted messages tailored to a specific user’s behavior.

Gamify the App Experience

Encourage users to compete against themselves, their connections, and other app users. Create a visually appealing scoreboard with graphs and charts to assist users in visualizing their progress, emphasize recent accomplishments, and encourage them to investigate the app’s features.

Establish Relationships Through Active Interaction

Using in-app messaging, provide real-time support to consumers when and where they need it to resolve issues, answer inquiries, address concerns, and complete transactions. Utilize email and social media to increase engagement. In WhatsApp Plus, you can even join different groups to market and promote your app, further increasing engagement outside of the application. By leveraging these different channels, you can create a more cohesive and effective marketing strategy to retain and attract new users.

Utilize Data Analytics

Data analytics can determine which users are most likely to disengage and send targeted content and offers to re-engage them. Additionally, you can collect more data to inform product development and marketing strategy that delivers a personalized, converting experience across multiple touchpoints.


Developing and launching an app is just the beginning of a long business journey. Retaining users and converting them into loyal supporters is the ultimate goal. The strategies discussed above, such as effective onboarding, strategic use of push notifications, gamification, in-app messaging, reciprocal interaction, and data analytics, can all be vital in improving app engagement and increasing downloads. By incorporating these strategies into your app’s development and marketing, you can provide a personalized, converting experience that keeps users engaged and returning for more.

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