Marbella Town Hall Strengthens Cybersecurity with Check Point Software

In order to assist the administration in ensuring the security of the city's data, Check Point Software protects the more than 120 municipal offices, 1,500 computer workstations, and 700 connected devices of the Marbella Town Hall.

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Oct 13, 2023 11:29 IST
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Marbella Town Hall Strengthens Cybersecurity with Check Point Software

 Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions worldwide, shares the success of its security tools in the Marbella Town Hall, through which they will be responsible for providing support and service to ensure the digital defense of this delegation of the Public Administration of Spain.


Located in the south of Andalusia, in the province of Malaga, the city of Marbella has a population of 150,000, and its tourist attraction means that it has more than 300,000 inhabitants during the summer months. As José Alonso Ayllón Gutiérrez, head of the new technologies department at Marbella Town Hall, shares, Check Point Software's solutions came from Telefónica, which won the public tender for the interconnection of all the municipal offices. And it was during the digitalization process that the company detected the need to implement a security solution in line with the infrastructure deployed.


All the cybersecurity products that we wanted to implement, as in any other public administration, must be included in the service catalog of Spain's National Security Scheme, the regulatory framework for security in public administration in our country” explains Ayllón. “Normally it is not easy to find solutions that really adapt to the needs and possibilities, especially economic, of a city council and that also comply with the necessary standards”.


“Thanks to Check Point's products we have achieved that our New Technologies department has a greater visibility and projection within the administration, as well as a better projection. We have managed to increase the awareness of all users within the city council on the need to protect the information of citizens, and also thanks to this we are managing to increase the budget allocated to new technologies”.


“With this partnership we are offering help to the Marbella Town Hall to be able to guarantee the security of its workers” shares Mario García, general manager of Check Point Software for Spain and Portugal. “We hope that our solutions will help them become not only a Smart City, but a digitally secure city”.


Check Point has consolidated Marbella Town Hall's security infrastructure to provide automated defenses across its entire organization, with full protection against all types of cyber-attacks, including fifth generation (Gen V) multi-vector attacks. To this end, the company has deployed solutions such as:


  • Check Point Quantum Security Gateway, which defend the city's global footprint and provide ultra-scalable protection against Gen V cyber-attacks. Advanced threat prevention technologies included Firewall, IPS, Anti-Bot, Anti-Virus, Application Control and URL Filtering. As the pandemic unfolded, Quantum VPN Remote Access enabled the team to connect 600 remote users quickly and securely per day (the previous system only allowed 200 users in total).


  • Check Point Harmony Endpoint, Email & Office and Connect, to provide comprehensive endpoint protection and automated attack detection and remediation (EDR), which simplifies secure remote access for workers, while enabling the ability to securely deploy VPN access. In addition, the company offers endpoint-level protection for all physical computers, such as office workstations, as well as mobile devices, whether tablets, mobile phones or laptops.


Additionally, this service manages URL filtering at the endpoint, offering users much better performance, while Check Point Zero-Phishing, the AI-based technology, identifies and blocks phishing in real time.


Also, by working with Office 365, thanks to Check Point Software's integration API with Microsoft, the Marbella Town Hall's new technology department now has quality information to know where users are logging in, detecting suspicious behavior such as multiple logins in short periods of time or from different countries around the world, with immediate alerts of possible misuse of the email platform and an additional defense against attacks such as phishing or malware.

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