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MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform (MSMP) Unveiled at Auto Expo

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India’s leading digital maps, GPS Navigation company MapmyIndia has unveiled the latest MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform, designed to address the emerging challenges of the Automotive Industry for both personal and commercial customers. MSMP will be showcased during the Auto Expo 2018 (Feb 7-14) at the MapmyIndia Pavilion – E 28, Hall No. 4, India Expo Mart, Greater NOIDA.

MSMP can be easily connected to the vehicle using multiple interfaces like SDL(smart device link). MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform becomes a central control point for the interaction between the vehicle and the user. The newly created MapmyIndia Map App will offer users a single window access to features like navigation, tracking, streaming media services, driver feedback etc. on the device of their choice viz. vehicle AV, smartphone etc.

Unlike earlier, where cars or four-wheelers were the primary beneficiaries of any automotive innovation, the MSMP is unique by being an all-embracing platform. The varied solutions that are being developed on this platform are overarching and cover the complete range of vehicles viz. two-wheelers, cars and commercial vehicles (four-wheelers, Trucks, buses etc.) & Electric Vehicles. Many automotive OEMs have already shown interest in integrating MSMP with their production cycles.

“I am confident that the MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform will prove to be a game changer for the Indian Automotive Industry. With the combined power of Maps, Navigation, Tracking & Analytics, the Automotive OEMs would now be able to offer – convenience, safety, efficiency and community engagement to both personal and commercial customers. All of MapmyIndia’s solutions and IoT devices will henceforth be powered by the new MSMP platform. MapmyIndia has always endeavoured to bring the benefits of location technology to maximum number of Indians through its innovations in the Smart Mobility domain, leveraging MapmyIndia’s best-in-class, professionally created map data to provide accurate granular hyper-local search, down to house numbers. MSMP is truly, a Make in India solution that is Made for India,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.

How MSMP will address Automotive Industry’s emerging Smart Mobility challenges?

  1. Convenience
  • Localized house-address level search: through MapmyIndia’s best-in-class professionally created map data, the platform provides accurate & rich house-address level information enabling doorstep level navigation
  • Voice-guided Navigation with traffic: accurate ETAs and effective routing helps in managing time, less driver stress and increases car mileage
  • Voice Search & response: enables distraction-less driving
  • Regional Language Support: Users can listen to directions in local language and view the map in a local language. MSMP offers voice guidance in 10 languages viz. Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. and map view choice in multiple regional languages including Hindi.
  • Specific searches/navigation viz. Gas/Charging Stations, ATMs, Service Stations etc. & range: find the nearest refueling points, service assistance and much more; also get range calculation and eco routes (the route which are economical)

  1. Safety
  • Share Live Location: you can share your location with any trusted contact through the platform and your location will continuously update in real-time, for defined time duration
  • Collision detection: real-time collision detection through IoT devices and easy to integrate Map SKD’s, and information sharing with relevant emergency response authorities, car manufacturers, friends & family
  • Driver fatigue detection: asks driver to rest when patterns of fatigue are observed through continuous driving, night driving, phone usage & snooze detection
  • Driver distraction detection: detects phone usage during a drive and provides feedback to the driver to ensure safer mobility
  • Less Distraction: the Heads Up Display (HUD) projection onto the windscreen of a car, allowing the driver to keep his/her eyes on the road while navigating

  1. Efficiency
  • Predictive Car Health: MSMP via an IoT device or via the Map App will extract rich information from the engine & other ECU’s of the vehicle including fault codes for various alerts (component failure, component wear & status of consumables). It can also integrate with the Battery Management Systems (BMS) of the electric vehicle, enabling enhanced car usage, longevity, less wear & tear and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Driver behavior analytics: helps increase car life longevity and gives feedback to the driver using a driving behavior score to ensure safer driving. The reporting and analysis of harsh driving/acceleration/braking/cornering, lane swerving and over-speeding, help prevent future mishaps in the making.

  1. Community
  • Drive Sharing: if you are taking a unique or more convenient/safer route (off-road tracks, monsoon drives, night drives, etc.) you can share your live location or your route with a community.
  • Quick response: enables sharing of location in case of accident, collision, tyre punctures, empty tank etc. and get help from people in your community nearby before even the Road Side Assistance (RSA) reaches
  • WorldView: the platform offers live feed of ratings, reviews and reports for any locality, allowing you to explore great localities to eat in, stay in or travel to. Great tool for local discovery.
  • Travel Suggestions: Get recommendations on where to go, places to stay/eat, hidden treasures etc. of any place through public lists generated from the community of users.
  • IoT devices: Connect various MapmyIndia Smart Devices & others from the market to track your vehicles, assets and loved ones and stay in touch with live locations updated in real-time.
  • Report, Respond and React: Users can report map, traffic and smart city issues within the solutions/apps based on the MSMP platform for any place. Other users can then react if they are facing the same issues, and authorities can take action and respond.

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