MapmyIndia Founders Launch ClarityX for AI-Driven Data Analytics

Enterprise clients across industry verticals witnessed at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi and Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai, how the close cross-leveraging and strategic business partnership between MapmyIndia and ClarityX

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MapmyIndia founders, Rakesh Verma & Rashmi Verma, today announced the launch of ClarityX (, a company that is dedicatedly focused on providing enterprise clients with cutting-edge and bespoke, customer-centric AI Driven Data Analytics & Consulting. ClarityX capabilities will help expand MapmyIndia’s enterprise offerings and addressable market. ClarityX empowers enterprises with AI driven insights from multi-dimensional static and real time data, enabling immediate strategic decision making and driving digital transformation. ClarityX is supported by the strong and rich legacy of MapmyIndia, India’s pioneering and leading deep-tech digital mapping, geospatial software and location-based IoT products, platforms, solutions and APIs company.

Enterprise clients across industry verticals witnessed at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi and Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai, how the close cross-leveraging and strategic business partnership between MapmyIndia and ClarityX will help enterprise customers to identify new markets and expansion opportunities, optimize costs and resources, and reduce risks and frauds. The Mappls MapmyIndia suite of digital transformation solutions to enterprises - covering digital maps, geospatial software and location-based IoT hardware  - combined with ClarityX AI-driven data analytics and consulting – enables a never-before available seamlessly blended capability for customers to get real insights that can help drive better decisions, supported and scaled by a suite of digital technologies, tools, apps, software and IoT that the enterprise needs.

Why ClarityX - The rationale

“The world today is driven by data. In fact, in its initial decade in the early 90s, MapmyIndia was a data analytics company. I had the conviction that someday 80% of all data would have a location component, and this resulted in MapmyIndia developing into a pioneering digital map data and location technologies company. Yet, I always felt that to unleash the full power of data analytics for a wide range of customers, a broad spectrum of data is needed – data which could be geospatial, financial, technical, or any other - along with a dedicated, consultative approach. This has been the reason to start ClarityX, a separate company wholly focused on data analytics. ClarityX leverages AI and HI (Human Intelligence) in a bespoke and consultative manner to offer tailor-made actionable insights to enterprise customers across all industries, including BFSI, Retail, FMCG, Energy, Ecommerce, and many more. I am convinced that ClarityX has tremendous potential to transform and impact the world positively and become an extremely big player in the space. For MapmyIndia, which has served over 2000 enterprise customers across many industry verticals since inception, this partnership will help it up-sell, cross-sell and deliver more value-added analytics and consulting solutions to its customers, opening up more growth opportunities for the company. I am excited to holistically solve the problems of customers and enable their success through the combined analytical and technological offerings of ClarityX and MapmyIndia,” says Rakesh Verma, Founder, ClarityX, and Co-founder & CMD, MapmyIndia.

ClarityX – The ‘X’ factor

“ClarityX’s strategic partnership with MapmyIndia has given us a strong platform to start with. We have at our disposal not just the data, resources and three decades of insights but also the mentorship from MapmyIndia founders. ClarityX solutions are ‘Made in India for the World’. Our unique ability to seamlessly integrate MapmyIndia’s geospatial data with multi-dimensional static and real-time data and extract sophisticated AI driven insights enable ClarityX to go to customers faster with solutions that are concise and accurate. And clarity thus obtained enables businesses to multiply their bottom lines by growing revenues, optimising costs and reducing risks. The ‘X’ factor, in ClarityX solutions,” says Rakhi Prasad, Co-founder, ClarityX.

ClarityX  - Customers

ClarityX has already begun making a significant impact. For instance, a Green Mobility company leveraged ClarityX's insights to identify prime locations for charging stations, optimizing both urban hotspots and strategic highway sites. Similarly, a financial services client utilized ClarityX's micro-market models to identify optimal locations for new ATMs, while a jewellery business harnessed our sales projection models platform to pinpoint high-potential urban markets for expansion. These success stories highlight the transformative potential of ClarityX's data-driven solutions, demonstrating how businesses can achieve significant improvements in their operations and market strategies through the power of advanced analytics.

ClarityX – Products and solutions: 

Building upon the strong foundation of MapmyIndia’s expansive proprietary map data and proprietary geospatial data and analytics software platforms (such as mGIS and Insight Dashboard), ClarityX offers its own proprietary indices, customizable AI-based analytical models and focused consultancy – thus promising a Full Stack Solution to deliver the most in-depth, precise and actionable business insights to enterprises across various sectors. Some of ClarityX’s product offerings include:

·       Proprietary Indices: District Potential Index, Rural Potential Index 

·       Machine Learning Models: Sales Projection Model, Risk Assessment Model

·       Insights: Origin-Destination Analysis, Category Trend Analysis, Catchment Analysis

·       Trends Dashboard: Where India is Moving 

ClarityX - Team

With a stellar founding team of 6 people with over 200 years of cumulative experience and a robust framework of data, software, analytics, and consultancy, ClarityX is poised to deliver strong results based on dynamic data and real insights thereby offering unprecedented growth opportunities to enterprises.

ClarityX – Vision and Mission

In this world of exponential growth in data, ClarityX’s mission is to harness the power of analytics to facilitate high-impact decision-making, thus enabling its customers to become leaders. Being data agnostic, the company aims to be a global data analytics and consulting company. ClarityX addresses the gaps that exist between multi-dimensional static and real time data collection and integration, data interpretation and analysis, and business consultancy through AI-driven insights.

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