Knowlarity’s New Super Receptionist App to Empower SMEs

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Knowlarity’s New Super Receptionist App to Empower SMEs

Knowlarity, India’s leading cloud telephony services provider announced its new ‘Super Receptionist App’  that allows businesses to view call records on their mobile and track their leads with the touch of a button.

India’s small business owners are always on the move and one of their biggest challenges is to keep track of calls on their business phone and the opportunity those calls bring. This problem is now being addressed with this Android application, which is available for free download on the Google Play Store.

Power packed with features like business health indicator, call analytics, customer location tracking, click–to-call and a lot more. This app comes with a lifetime subscription and business phone number at no cost along with a few minutes of full service. Further, subscribers don’t have to worry about the safety of their sensitive business data because this application is connected to servers hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the most secure and reliable platform in the world for cloud-based services.

“The Super Receptionist app will be your personal call manager. It can help handle your calls when you are busy, and filter out the unwanted calls that you do not want to answer. Business Health Indicator in this app performs complicated data analysis on your call records to let business owners know their efficiency and responsiveness to customer requests. Our solution increases productivity and reduces downtime with rapid access to customer information”, said Ambarish Gupta, CEO of Knowlarity.

Knowlarity is a recognized leader in cloud telephony services and the Super Receptionist app is another example of how they are using their experience to help clients transform their business models. Their offerings combine industry knowledge and business process services with cutting edge user experience and design to help clients harness the benefits of mobile and telephony across their enterprise.

Super Receptionist, the flagship product from Knowlarity, offers a virtual receptionist service. It allows business owners to route calls intelligently with up to 10 extensions, and an option for multi-language IVR. It also helps customers to enable voicemail when they are unavailable to answer calls. Super Receptionist gives business owners the tool to create a powerful first impression with a sleek welcome message that adds to the business’s reputation and portrays their desire to take customers seriously. It helps business owners decipher the success of their business through real time analytics. Owners could now at the click of a button get data on the number of calls they have received and from which location, the agents who are missing calls and which particular marketing campaign worked. It has a click-to-call feature to allow calls to get triggered from emails or websites.

Super Receptionist can also be integrated into to the existing CRM, such as FreshDesk, SalesForce and Zendesk ensuring that the business records are always up to date.

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